How to Make DIY Cockatiel Toys: Easy and Affordable Ideas

In this blog, we're going to show you how to make your own DIY toys for your bird that will be both affordable and entertaining.Enjoy reading!

Cockatiel Toys

Cockatiels are delightful pets that are known for their playful and active nature. These little birds are easy to care for and, with a little effort and creativity, you can create affordable and entertaining toys to keep them happy and healthy. In this blog post, we will explore different DIY cockatiel toys that you can make at home.

Creating toys for your feathery friends will not only keep them physically active but also stimulate their minds, providing them with necessary mental exercise. Buying toys from the pet store can be expensive, and why spend the extra bucks when you can make your own toys from everyday household items? So, let's dive in and look at some easy and affordable ideas.

Paper Towel Roll Perch

One of the most straightforward DIY toys you can make for your cockatiel is a paper towel roll perch. You can quickly create this toy by cutting a paper towel roll in half, making two perches. Alternatively, you can keep the roll intact if your bird likes to chew. Secure the perch to the cage wire using string or twist ties, and it's ready. You can even stuff the roll with treats, such as almond slivers or fruits. It can take some time for your cockatiel to accept a new toy, so be pacient.

Toys for Cockatiels and small parrots

Bottle Cap Rattles

Cockatiels love to make noise. You can create a fun and interactive rattle toy using a water bottle cap and a few bells. Drill holes on the water bottle cap and string them together using wire or cotton rope. You can attach other toys to it also. Add in some bells, and you're good to go. The slight jingle will entertain and engage your bird.

Toilet Paper Roll Pinata

For the more adventurous bird owners, make a toilet paper roll piñata that releases treats when the bird breaks through. Start by cutting long strips of crepe paper (found in party supply stores) and glue them onto the toilet paper roll. Fill the piñata with almond slivers or birdseed. Then, hang it on the cage using string or twist ties.

Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Cockatiels enjoy puzzle-like toys that make them work for their treats. A Popsicle stick puzzle provides just that. Glue the Popsicle sticks together to make a square or rectangular shape. Cut out the middle of the puzzle, creating pieces that fill the gap. Direct your bird on how to move the pieces to reveal a hidden reward.

Toys for Cockatiels and small parrots

Feather Duster Fun

Finally, don't underestimate the power of a feather duster toy. You can quickly create this toy by attaching a large feather duster to the cage wire using a clip. Your cockatiel will enjoy playing with and preening the soft feathers. You can also add in a bell or two to make it even more interesting.

Making toys for your cockatiel is an excellent way to show them how much you care. With these easy and fun DIY toy ideas, your bird will be entertained all day long. So get creative and start making some secure and affordable toys that will keep your pet happy and healthy.

Additional Ideas

If you're looking for additional DIY cockatiel toys to keep your pet entertained, you can experiment with different shapes and sizes of cardboard boxes. Cut out holes in the boxes and stuff them with treats or edible items that your bird enjoys. You can even add in a few bells to make it more interactive and interesting. If you have any old clothes or fabric lying around, you can also create a cosy nest for your cockatiel. Cut out some fabric and stitch it together to form the nest. It will provide your bird with a comfortable hideaway where they can relax and feel safe. Finally, use an old paper plate or cardboard to make a spinning wheel toy that your pet can spin for treats. You can also weave greens in between the cage bars for them to chew on, so it will have fun!

DIY Cockatiel Toys, foraging toys

DIY bird toys can be a great way to keep your cockatiels entertained, healthy and happy. With some creativity and basic items from around the house, you can create inexpensive yet secure toys that will provide hours of fun for your little feathery friend. Bird Toys Keep your pet bird happy and healthy with toys made just for him. So get creative and start making some unique DIY toys for your pet today!


These are just a few of the many DIY toys you can make for your cockatiel. As always, safety is key when crafting these projects. Be sure to use non-toxic materials, such as paper and cotton strings, and avoid using any sharp objects that could damage or hurt your pet. With some creativity and planning, you can provide endless entertainment for your feathered friend. Have fun and happy crafting!

Happy crafting! Don't forget to share pictures of your creations on social media with the #DIYCockatielToys hashtag – we'd love to see what you make! Have a great day.

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Cockatiel Toys FAQs

How do you mentally stimulate a cockatiel?

Mentally stimulating your cockatiel can be done in a variety of ways. You can introduce them to new toys and activities, such as foraging games or puzzles. You can also try teaching them different tricks, like talking or stepping up on command. Additionally, providing them with an enriched environment full of different textures, shapes and colors will help to keep their minds active and engaged.

Selecting Safe and Stimulating Cockatiel Toys for Your Feathered Friend
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Are cockatiels destructive?

Cockatiels can be quite playful and may chew on items in their environment, such as food bowls or toys. However, they are not considered to be particularly destructive birds. With the right toys and environmental enrichment, your bird should stay occupied without causing too much damage.

What kind of toys do cockatiels need?

Cockatiels need an assortment of different toys that will provide them with both physical and mental stimulation. Provide them with items they can chew on, such as paper towel rolls or wooden blocks, and also include puzzles and foraging games that require problem-solving skills. Cockatiels like hanging bird toys, chewable toys, puzzle toys and toys they can climb, perch on, roll, move and bat. Additionally, add in some objects they can move around, like bells or colorful balls, for even more entertainment. To stimulate natural behavior, you can include some preening toys for cockatiels in your bird's cage.

Toys for Cockatiels and small parrots

Are cockatiels social?

Yes, cockatiels are naturally social birds and do best when living in a flock. If you have more than one pet bird at home, be sure to provide them with plenty of space and things to do so they can interact with each other. Additionally, spending time interacting and playing with your cockatiel will help them to bond with you and keep them from getting lonely.

Do cockatiels like foot toys?

Yes, cockatiels love foot toys! These toys are typically small items they can perch on or move around with their feet. Some common examples of foot toys include beads, jingle bells and nuts in the shell. Place these items either inside their cage or outside to give your bird something to play with. Just make sure that any toys you provide are safe and non-toxic.

Do cockatiels need large toys?

No, cockatiels don't necessarily need large toys. In fact, they tend to prefer smaller items that they can move around or chew on. However, you may consider adding some larger items for your pet to explore from time to time. Cockatiels and other parrots are drawn to shiny objects, and providing them with something interesting to look at is a great way to help them maintain your cockatiel's health and grooming. Just be sure to supervise your bird when they are playing to make sure the toy is safe and secure. To find out more about cockatiel toys please see our ultimate guide here or by clicking the picture below.

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Are rope toys safe for cockatiels?

Yes, rope toys can be safe for cockatiels as long as you make sure they are made with non-toxic materials. In principle, sisal or cotton rope toys and perches are safe, but they can pose a danger. Avoid using any type of adhesive or plastic on the rope, as these products can be harmful to your bird's health. Additionally, be sure to inspect the toy often and replace it if it starts to fray or becomes damaged in any way. The best toys and safe toys for cockatiels don't offer any opportunity for your bird to harm themself.

What can I give my cockatiel to play with?

There are many different types of toys you can give your cockatiel to play with, such as foraging games, puzzles, and even DIY projects. You can also offer them items they can chew on or move around like bells or colorful balls. The wooden beads, soft wood branches, coconut shell and sisal rope encourage foot and beak exercise. Be sure to check the safety of any items before giving them to your bird and make sure they have plenty of space to move around and spread their wings. By providing your pet with an enriched environment full of stimulating toys, you will help keep them healthy and happy. In addtion, if you have internet access, there is a WONDERFUL, FREE book called, ‘The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book. Check it out.

What are foraging toys for cockatiels?

Foraging toys for cockatiels are designed to encourage your pet to explore and search for food or treats. These toys typically involve hiding treats in compartments, boxes, or even paper bags that your bird must figure out how to open in order to get the reward. This type of activity can help keep them mentally stimulated and also provide entertainment as they work for their treats.

How often should I change my cockatiel's toys?

It is important to rotate your bird's toys regularly to keep them from becoming bored with the same ones. Try introducing new items or activities every couple of weeks and remove any toys that your pet isn’t using or playing with anymore. This will help prevent your cockatiel from becoming bored and provide them with an enriched environment that will keep their minds engaged.

How can I make my own DIY cockatiel toys?

Making your own DIY cockatiel toys is a great way to show your pet how much you care and also save money on store bought items. Look around the house for some common household items that can be repurposed into a toy, such as an old paper plate, crinkle paper, cardboard boxes or coconut shell. You can also use some fabric and thread to create a cozy nest for your bird or even make a spinning wheel toy out of a few simple pieces. Get creative and have fun crafting something special for your feathered friend!

What do cockatiels love the most?

Cockatiels love attention, social interaction, and tasty treats. Spend time each day talking to or playing with your pet to show them how much you care. You can also offer them some special treats like fresh fruits or vegetables for a healthy snack. Finally, provide them with plenty of toys that will keep their minds active and entertained throughout the day. By doing all of these things, you'll show your pet that they are loved and cared for.

At the end...

Cockatiels love toys that are interactive, challenging, and engaging. By making DIY toys, you can create unique and exciting playthings that will keep your bird entertained and happy for hours. The best part is that creating these toys is easy and affordable, and you can use everyday household items to make them. So, why not give it a try and see how your feathered friends react to your homemade creations?

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