The 6 Best Huts for Guinea Pigs You Can Buy in 2024

Guinea pigs are popular house pets and in this blog, we are going to show you the 6 best hut options that you can buy for your pet pig.

Huts for Guinea Pigs

If you're a guinea pig owner, then you know that your pet needs a comfortable place to live. That's why it's important to choose the best guinea pig hut for your furry friend. In this blog post, we will discuss five of the best huts on the market right now. We'll also provide information on what to look for when purchasing a guinea pig hut and some tips on how to keep your pet safe and healthy.

How we choose the best for you

Guinea pigs are popular pets, but they need a place to call home.

A lot of people think that all you need to do is put a guinea pig in a cage and they're good to go, but this isn't the case. Guinea pigs need a comfortable place to sleep and play, just like any other pet.

We've done the research for you and found the best huts for guinea pigs on the market today. Whether you're looking for something small and simple or something large and luxurious, we have you covered.

Wood Guinea Pig Hut

Niteangel Wood House with Window, Chinchilla and Guinea Pigs Hut Hideout

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Why we love it

Does your guinea pig or chinchilla feel safe? With the Niteangel Guinea Pigs Hut Hideout, they can! This cozy hideout is just what your furry friend needs for a little peace and quiet. Not only is it constructed from quality timber for a sense of natural security, but it also comes with two lookouts so you can keep an eye on your pet. This wood Guinea Pig Hut is perfect for playing, nesting, hiding and sleeping. Best of all, its classic design will fit nicely in any small animal home. Unvarnished wood hut features one round crawl Give your furry pal a refuge to call their own - the Niteangel Guinea Pigs Hut Hideout! You can also shop online or at petsmart.

What you should know

For guinea pig owners looking for something extra special to give their furry friends, this hut ticks all the boxes! This wood Guinea Pig Hut has been designed for medium sized small animals. The wood is left unfinished for a more natural look that your guinea pigs will just love. Unvarnished wood hut features round crawl holes and 2 windows. And with plenty of space inside and a roof that can be used as a habitat (just add some cloth cushions or food bowls if you know what we mean!), your small pet friends will definitely thank you for giving them such a cosy place to rest. Plus, with a door size of 3.6 x 5.1 inches (W x H) and window size of 3.1 x 3.6 inches (W x H), they'll have plenty of room to plan their next great escape!

Wood Guinea Pig Hut with Multi Rooms for medium sized small animals

PAWCHIE Guinea Pig Hideout with Multi-Rooms - Small Pets Natural Hideout Detachable Large Size Multi-Chamber Wooden Hut Habitats with Window and Roof Skylight for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas

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Why we love it

Are you searching for the perfect hideout for your furry friend? Then look no further than the PAWCHIE Guinea Pig Hideout with Multi-Rooms! This hideout is perfect to provide a natural sense of security and comfort for your small pet. Your chinchilla, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, squirrel, rat, or hedgehog will absolutely love their own special place to hide away and cozy up in our hideouts crafted from comfortable materials. With multiple access points, your pal won’t miss any of the action nor will you! Unvarnished wood hut features two round crawl holes and a larger corner opening. And in case they get easily spooked - don’t worry! This unique design provides a safe haven for those scaredy-critters that just need some alone time! Trust us – this is one hideout that will quickly become their favorite spot in the house. So if you are looking to give your little companion all the comforts that they deserve, PAWCHIE Guinea Pig Hideouts with Multi-Rooms have ‘em covered!

What you should know

Isn't it every guinea pig's dream to have their very own hideout house? Well, your furry little friend can now go wild and create their own haven with this adorable rooftop hut that comes complete with multiple entry and exit holes for easy access! Constructed from European imported birch plywood – built no-nail, no-glue and sanded all around for smooth edges – not only is this hut safe and durable enough to withstand your pet’s chewable toys, but it’ll also guarantee a breathable environment. Wood huts are unvarnished, with two round crawl holes and one larger corner opening. Your animals will love them for playing around, hiding under or sleeping in. So why not provide your furry pal with the best of both worlds: freedom to roam paired with snug security?!

Wood Guinea Pig Hut in the shape of a Castle

YKD Castle Chinchilla House - Small Animal Hideout for Chinchilla Guinea Pig Hedgehog, or Rat - Ventilated Wooden Guinea Pig Hut Habitat with Multiple Doors (Large)

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Why we love it

This is the Ultimate Hideout for Your Furry Friend - Looking for a cozy little house for your pet? Our guinea pig hide is perfect for any chinchilla, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, squirrel, rat, hedgehog and other similar sized animals.

It provides a Natural Sense of Security for Your Pet with This Small Animal Hideout - Just like us, animals need their own space. Our guinea pig houses and hideouts are a quiet place for pets to hide, sleep, and relax.

What you should know

Rooftop is Perfect for Creating a Special Hideout Spot- Encourage your pet to roam and play! Place cloth, wood chips, toys, and snacks on the roof of the guinea pig hideout house to create a fun, interesting habitat. This wood Guinea Pig Hut and castle is perfect for playing, nesting, hiding and sleeping. It contains Multiple Entry and Exit Holes - Let your pet explore the habitat freely - various openings create an airy, well-ventilated wooden house that’s easily accessible and fun to hang out in. This house is made from european imported birch plywood, which is very breathable & healthy for rodents, built by the tongue and groove method without nails, and be sanded each corner to smooth. Install easily without glue or nails to avoid the pet injuries. brings reliable & enjoyable living to keep your furry friend's well-being, chewable & durable toys for your pets

Hideout for Guinea Pigs - 2 Pack

YUEPET Guinea Pig Bed 2 Pack - Washable Guinea Pig Cage Accessories Small Animal Bed Hideout for Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Hamsters, Hedgehog

Why we love it

Introducing the YUEPET Guinea Pig Beds 2-pack, the perfect way to give your guinea pig the home of their dreams! This cute hideout provides plenty of den-like security and comfort for your furry friend, and you can even throw it in the washing machine when it's time for a good clean. With two beds in one package, you get great value plus convenience - so much cheaper than having to buy two separate hideouts! Plus, cleaning them once every two weeks will help keep everything smelling sweet and fresh. So why not treat your pet to a cozy new home today? YUEPET Guinea Pig Beds are sure to bring a smile to any animals lover's face.

What you should know

Searching for the perfect hideout for your guinea pig with reasonable price? Look no further! This cozy and comfortable hideout is exactly what small fur friends are dreaming of. Perfect to cuddle up in and made with soft short plush and high-density elastic sponge, the hideout will keep them warm and resist the cold, especially in autumn and winter. With anti-slip bottom design, your furry friend's private den is stable as can be. What's more, you can choose between two different sizes - make sure to check which one fits precisely before making a purchase! The choice is yours!

Hideout Hut for Guinea Pigs

BWOGUE Guinea Pig House Bed Cozy Hamster Cave Large Hideout for Dwarf Rabbits Hedgehog Bearded Dragon Winter Nest Hamster Cage Accessories

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Why we love it

Ready to make your furry friend feel at home? Then look no further than the BWOGUE Guinea Pig House Bed! This pet tent bed is ideal for small animals, and offers a security, snug place where your pet can play, rest, hide, sleep and feel at home. Plus comes with a bonus – it’s washable and dryer friendly. No more cleaning after you clean! And you don’t need to worry about your pet’s safe haven losing its shape because this guinea pig house bed will keep its form after washing. So if you want to give your small animal a cozy home that lasts – grab the BWOGUE Guinea Pig House Bed now!

What you should know

Have you been looking for the perfect hideout for your guinea pig with good price? Look no further - this cozy house is just the right size for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs, hamsters and other smaller animals to enjoy a restful day. Made from a high density foam with soft cloth and fleece material, its light weight yet sturdy feel will make sure it stays put when your pet takes their break. And if they're in search of extra coziness, there's a warm and soft cushion that can be placed in the cave and removed for maintenance whenever you please. So give your little pal their own den fit for royalty! I t offers a Great Size - The cozy house fit for dwarf rabbits, guinea pig, ferret, hedgehog ,hamster, squirrel and other similar sized small animal. Size: 10.23'' Length x 10.23'' Width x 11'' Height.

Unvarnished wood huts for Guinea Pigs

Prevue Pet Products Wood Guinea Pig Hut 1122

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Why we love it

Delight your guinea pig with the Prevue Pet Products Wood Guinea Pig Hut! Provide the perfect place for all their play, nesting, and snoozing needs. Authentic unvarnished wood makes this hut a cozy and inviting home, so your small animal can always feel safe and secure. Plus, it's sized just right to accommodate small animals of a similar size. Add some sass to your pet's life and get them a stylish new home today! Oh...and for all you small animals lovers out there - don't worry, your little buddy won't feel left out when you get them the Prevue Wood Guinea Pig Hut!

  • Perfect for playing, nesting, hiding or sleeping
  • Designed for guinea pigs or other small animals of a similar size
  • Unvarnished wood huts

What you should know

If you're looking for the perfect hideaway spot for your mischievous guinea pig, this is it! With two curious crawl holes and the larger corner opening, they'll have plenty of options to explore. And there's no need to worry about whether it's comfortable enough for themso not only will they fit snug in here, but they'll be able to enjoy the finer things in life, like lounging around or munching on delicious treats too. Get your guinea pig their own luxurious hideout today!

Wood Guinea Pig Hut has been designed for medium sized small animals and measures 10” Long, 8 3/8” Wide and 7” High. Inner Pack 24 Material Made with pet-safe plywood, non-toxic binders Unit of Sale EA Warnings Inspect the product periodically and remove from use if it becomes worn or damaged Color Unvarnished hardwood Cleaning Remove debris and wipe clean with a damp soft cloth and mild soap.


  • Two crawl holes plus a larger corner opening
  • 10” Long, 8 3/8” Wide and 7” High

Huts for guinea pigs FAQs

Guinea pigs are popular pets, but they need a place to live that's both comfortable and safe.

A lot of people think that guinea pigs can just live in a cage in the corner of the room, but this is actually very dangerous for them.

A hut for guinea pigs is the perfect solution. They provide a safe and comfortable place for your pet to live, and they're easy to clean.

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about huts for guinea pigs to help you to make informed decision.

What is the best housing for a guinea pig?

For a guinea pig’s housing, the bigger the better! When it comes to ideal housing for guinea pigs, their cages should be as large as possible so they have plenty of room to move around and to give them enough space to explore. The minimum size requirements for a healthy adult guinea pig habitat is 7.5 square feet; the more space your furry friend has, the better!

In terms of what type of cage would be best for your little pal, you could opt for either an indoor one or an outdoor one. Indoor cages are usually built from metals such as stainless steel that's easy to clean. On the other hand, outdoor enclosures are great too but make sure that they're protected from rain and wind - if you get caught in a storm or if temperatures drop low near nightfall then we don't want your cozy companion getting chillier than usual!

What toys do guinea pigs need?

Apart from the basic necessities don't forget about adding toys and other fun bits such as wheels & chew blocks - with running wheels your pet will have plenty of exercise while gnawing down those wooden blocks will help him maintain strong teeth which are essential in keeping its diet healthy & balanced during its lifespan with you guys!

Do guinea pigs need a bed to sleep in?

Yes they do and for substrate materials used inside the cage it's important that you choose non-toxic items like cardboard (yes - this is safe!), paper towels and blankets made out of fleece material like cotton or polyester fabrics. All these materials make excellent bedding alternatives since they’re comfy yet still relatively easy to keep clean on top of being safe options that won't cause any harm towards your cuddly critter when used inside its living quarters. Additionally there should also be some hiding spots provided here and there throughout the enclosure; this will give your piggie a place where he can retreat back into in case he ever feels scared or overwhelmed by anything taking place outside his cage walls.

Where do guinea pigs prefer to sleep?

Guinea pigs, or cavies, usually prefer to sleep in cozy areas such as a hidey house or other enclosed space. In fact, many guinea pig owners provide small dens and shelters specifically designed for their pet to feel more secure while sleeping. These can be store bought or homemade—whatever works best for you and your guinea pig!

When designing a den in which your guinea pig can sleep comfortably and securely, it should be placed away from any windows or drafts of air that could cause discomfort. The den should also be covered on both sides with low-level walls (such as cardboard) to ensure darkness and keep predators out. Although many wooden models are available commercially, using cotton flannel sheets as the roofing material is also an option if needed.

What bedding materials are good for guinea pigs?

As far as bedding material goes, opt for something soft like clean hay; and offer more quantity of it. Avoid materials like cedar shavings that may lead to respiratory problems due to the presence of harmful oils. Also make sure there are sufficient hiding spots within the den so your cavy has plenty of places to retreat if feeling intimidated by loud noises or activity around him/her during nap time!

Do guinea pigs need a hidey house?

Guinea pigs love having hideaways available so try making some simple DIY tunnels using upcycled cardboard tubes which can offer him shade during sunny days while retaining warmth when things get chilly at night!

Do guinea pigs need a bath?

In most cases, simply wiping down your pet’s fur with a damp cloth every few weeks will suffice in terms of “bathing” them. This method should also include brushing their fur afterwards to remove any dirt or debris that has gathered on the surface. Spot cleaning around the face, paws, tail and bottom area is sufficient enough in keeping your guinea pig clean without overburdening its delicate skin; however if you do need to give your furry friend an actual bath you can do as well but not too often. In general once in 4- 6 weeks is sufficient.

Huts for guinea pigs for you and for your friend

If you’re looking for the best hut for your guinea pig, look no further – we’ve got you covered. If you are looking for a unique solution that isn't on our site, please let us know and sign in. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. We’ve spent dozens of hours reading through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the perfect huts that will make both you and your furry friend happy. And the best part is, we have options to fit any budget. So what are you waiting for? Tap the buttons check price on Amazon on our top 6 picks and find the perfect hut for your needs.