5 Must-Have Rabbit Carriers for the Perfect Pet Adventure

Discover the 5 best rabbit carriers for the perfect pet adventure, while keeping them safe and secure during the whole journey!

Rabbit Carrier Options
Rabbit Carrier Options

If you're looking for the perfect pet carrier for your rabbit, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss five of the best rabbit carriers on the market. These carriers are perfect for taking your furry friend on a walk or on an adventure. They are also made with your pet's safety in mind. You can also find a range of cool pet carriers in this blog to cover all your bunny travel needs, including both hard and soft side bunny carriers!  So, whether you're just starting out with rabbit ownership or you've been a fan for years, be sure to check out our list!

How we choose the best for you

It's hard to know which rabbit carrier is the best for you.

With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which rabbit carrier is the best for your needs.

We have done all of the research for you and have found the top five rabbit carriers that are on the market today.  There are many carriers that rabbit owners can choose from based on their lifestyle, preferences, and the number of their pets

Bag Carrier for Rabbit

Kathson Rabbit Travel Carrier Bag Airline Approved Pet Pocket Breathable Mesh Window Portable Hand Bag with Locking Safety Zippers for Small Dogs Cats Bunnies and Small Animals (Black)

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Why we love it

Are you looking for a safe, comfortable and convenient way to carry your rabbit around? Look no further than the Kathson Rabbit Travel Carrier! This revolutionary carrier is designed specifically to meet all your rabbit's needs. Made of lightweight and waterproof polyester fabric, this carrier keeps your bunny safe and dry no matter where you take them. It's even collapsible so you can easily store it away when not in use. It comes with a removable support mat that can be hand-washed or machine-washed, ensuring maximum hygienic conditions during travel. And with its airline-approved design and ventilated top, your rabbit can go anywhere you go! So whether it's a road trip or just a quick outing to the park, the Kathson Rabbit Carrier will make sure your furry friend is ready for anything. Get yours today — your bunny is sure to thank you!

What you should know

Looking for a rabbit carrier that's as practical as it is convenient? Look no further than this lightweight backpack, perfect for any cat or rabbit under 15 pounds. And with dimensions of 17.2"L x 10"W x 11"H, there's plenty of room for your furry friend to stretch out and enjoy the trip. But don't worry about your pet getting too hot or stuffy - the reinforced polyester mesh ensures fresh air flow, while the breathable windows come complete with sturdy zippers to keep your pet safely inside. Made from tough, durable materials like pearl cotton and Oxford cloth, this carrier is the perfect choice for all your pet travel needs.

Carrier for Rabbit

Petsfit 16 X 9 X 9 Inches Rabbit Carrier, Portable Bunny Carrier with Ventilation Holes, Carrier for Small Animals, Chinchilla, Hedgehog, Squirrel

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Why we love it

Are you looking to take your furry friends out with you? Look no further than the Petsfit 16 X 9 X 9 Inches Rabbit Carrier! Not only is this carrier lightweight, but it's also stylish and incredibly practical. Featuring 16 large ventilation holes in front and back, plus two anti-bite mesh windows on both left and right sides, your pet will have plenty of fresh air and airflow. Whether you shop at the market every day or take a quick trip to the vet, this rabbit carrier will make your life so much easier. So go on – slip on your bunny slippers and let your little friend hop into their new ride!

What you should know

Are you a rabbit owner always on the go? Well, look no further than this rabbit carrier! Not only is it built with safety in mind, but it also boasts a cozy interior mat and double-sided venting holes to ensure your furry friend is comfortable and receives proper airflow. And the best part? This carrier can easily fold down in a matter of minutes and be conveniently stored away for your next adventure. It's like magic, but better because you get to take your adorable pet with you!

Light Weight Bag Carrier for Rabbit

Small Animal Bird Rabbit Turtle Carrier Bag, African Hedgehog Portable Travel Carrier Outdoor Hangbag, Bird Rabbit Guinea Pig Squirrel Carrier

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Why we love it

Are you looking for the perfect bag to take your furry friend with you wherever you go? Look no further than this Small Animal Rabbit Carrier Bag! This cute and convenient bag is perfect for small animals, and it comes in three different colors, so that everyone can find the right one for them. With three large ventilation holes in front, as well as extra two rigid plastic mesh windows on both sides, your pet will always be able to get fresh air while they travel. There’s even a removable support mat which can be machine washed (or handwashed!) so that you can keep your pet comfy and clean until it’s time to head home. And when that time arrives, the carrier bag is entirely collapsible, taking up only two inches of space. But don’t worry; our 600D Oxford fabric ensures durability so that there are plenty of trips ahead! And to top it all off, we adhere to Amazon’s return policy and provide a 1-year warranty return in case anything goes wrong - although we're confident our products won't! So why wait? Grab your Small Animal Rabbit Carrier Bag today - your furry friend is sure to thank you for it!

What you should know

Looking for a carrier that's big enough for your furry friend but won't weigh you down? Look no further than this rabbit carrier, which measures just 10 by 12 by 10 inches and weighs in at less than a pound. Despite its diminutive size, manu rabbit owners have found out that  this carrier can accommodate a variety of small animals, from hedgehogs and hamsters to parrots and guinea pigs. And thanks to its unique transparent front window design, your pet can keep a watchful eye on their surroundings during their travels. Just be warned: if you have an aggressive rat or hamster, they may attempt to gnaw their way through this carrier—characteristically, of course. But for most small animals, this carrier is a safe and stylish way to get around town.

Bubble Backpack Carrier for Rabbit

Space Capsule Bubble Window Small Animal Backpack for Guinea Pig, Bird Bunny Rabbit

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Why we love it

Introducing the Space Capsule Bubble Window Small Animal Backpack, the best way to show your bunny how much you care! Why would you want to leave your furry pal at home by themselves when they can travel with you in style? This animal backpack features three large ventilation holes (diameter is 0.75”) in the front that ensures air and airflow for your furbaby. The extra one anti-bite mesh windows on the side of backpack grants them a full view of their surroundings while keeping them safe and secure. Not to mention, this small animal backpack comes with a removable support mat which can be washed by hand or machine, making it easy to clean. With 3 color options (green/black/pink) available - space capsule bubble window small animal backpacks are available for both genders! Now your special friend can feel like one in space and explore their way through this world with you! And did we mention our satisfaction guarantee? Adhere to Amazon’s return policy and 1-year warranty return for no reason. Get ready for lift off – come aboard the new Space Capsule Bubble Window Small Animal Backpack today!

What you should know

Got a small, furry companion who just can't stand to be separated from you? Look no further than this bunny carrier! With dimensions of L12.2 * W6.7 * H12.6 inches, it's roomy enough to accommodate hedgehogs, squirrels, parrots, guinea pigs, and even bearded dragons - so you don't have to worry about leaving your beloved pet behind. But what really sets this carrier apart is its clear bubble window design. Your furry friend can now ride in style, peering out the high-quality transparent window and taking in all the sights along the way. Who knew a mode of transportation could also serve as a sightseeing tour?

Top Load Carrier for Rabbit

Petmate Top Load Pet Kennel Carrier for Pets up to 10 Pounds, Green, 19 Inches Long

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Why we love it

Your bunny's welfare and safety are important, so why not travel in style? Petmate’s Two Door or Top Load Kennel Carrier is perfect for all your rabbit travels. Made from durable plastic with a secure screw and hex nut assembly, this kennel is as strong as your bun! Plus, the convenient carry handle on top makes getting your pal to the vet a lot easier — no more lugging heavy cages around. And if that wasn't enough, the top load design helps minimize stress on your kiddo by making it easier to get in an out of the carrier. Whether you’re going on an adventure or just need to get your rabbit checked out at the vet, Petmate's Top Load Pet Kennels can help make trips worry free!

What you should know

Looking for a rabbit carrier that won't make your furry friend feel like they're in a stuffy sauna on their commute? Well, look no further! This rabbit carrier boasts 360-degree ventilation that allows for optimal airflow, so your pet can feel cool as a cucumber during their travels. Plus, the top-load latch is designed to be totally paw-some, allowing for one-handed operation while still snuggling your bundle of fur in your arms. And let's not forget that this carrier is made for your petite pal, with internal dimensions of 16.2 x 12 x 9 inches. So whether you're on the go or just want to give your bunny a taste of the great outdoors, this carrier has got you covered!

Rabbit carrier FAQs

You've just brought home your new bunny, but have no idea what to do with it!

Rabbits make great house pets, but they require a lot of care. If you're not prepared for the commitment, you might find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated. Rabbit travel carriers can be a good choice for transporting rabbits, and they can be used to house your rabbit on short trips, too.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about rabbit carrier to help you out. From diet to housing, this guide has everything you need to know about taking care of your new furry friend.

What carrier is best for rabbits?

When transporting a rabbit, it's important to use a secure carrier that's big enough for them to move around in – more than just being able to stand up. The carrier should be made of plastic with a secure top and plenty of ventilation. It should also have a handle or strap so you can carry it easily. If you have a large rabbit or multiple rabbits to transport you may want to consider carriers with a shoulder strap or wheels, to help with the extra weight. Carriers that have a removable cushioned insert are also relatively easy to clean. You can throw the cushion into the wash and wipe down the inside of the carrier for future use. A rabbit should never be transported in anything other than their own secure carrier – don't transport them in containers such as cardboard boxes, baskets, etc. Rabbits can quickly chew through cardboard and escape from these carriers.

Do rabbits need a carrier?

Yes, rabbits should always be transported in a secure carrier. Not only does this ensure their safety and keep them from getting lost, it also helps to reduce stress for the rabbit. Carriers provide a sense of security for rabbits, helping to keep them calm during transportation. The price of a carrier can vary typically between 15 to 120 USD and depends on the material, size and features it offers.

Is a hard or soft carrier better for a rabbit?

Generally speaking, hard carriers are better for rabbits. These provide more security and stability than soft carriers, which can collapse or shift during transportation. Hard carriers are also easier to clean, making them a better choice in terms of hygiene. A carrier with side door is useful so your rabbit can walk in, but top access makes it easier to remove a rabbit that is reluctant to leave the carrier when it's on the vet's table. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for your rabbit.

How long can a rabbit stay in a carrier?

A rabbit should not stay in a carrier for too long. It is important to give your rabbit regular breaks, allowing them to stretch and move around. Multiple short trips are better than one long trip, as it reduces stress and ensures that your rabbit gets some exercise. You should never leave a rabbit in a carrier for more than an hour at a time.

What is the safest way to carry a rabbit?

The safest way to carry a rabbit is in a secure, properly-sized carrier. The carrier should be roomy enough for the rabbit to sit or stand comfortably and have plenty of ventilation. It should also have handles on top to make it easier to carry while ensuring that your rabbit is securely held inside. You can also use a harnesses and leashes if you prefer, but remember to supervise your rabbit at all times. Pick a carrier that provides enough space for you rabbit(s) to sit up and lay down comfortably but not too much extra space so they slide around if you break suddenly when driving

What are unsuitable bunny carriers?

Unsuitable carriers include cardboard boxes, plastic bags, unventilated baskets or cages, buckets, sports bags and backpacks. These types of carrier do not provide enough space, pet safety or ventilation for your rabbit, making them unsuitable and potentially dangerous. Anything with a wire bottom is not great for transporting rabbits. The slippery floors of traditional carriers are not suitable for rabbit feet and can cause injury over long car rides. They do not provide protection while in a car or required security.

Rabbit carrier for you and for your furry friend

After dozens of hours researching and reading thousands of reviews online, we believe that the best rabbit carrier has to offer a combination of value, convenience, and comfort. Consider choosing one that includes lots of pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap. The roomy interior with side ventilation is important for your pet’s safety and comfort. Plus, take into account the weight and size to find the right one for you. And feel confident about getting the best rabbit carrier for your furry friend – we have done our research so you don’t have to! Indeed, there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect rabbit carrier but if you follow these simple tips, you can have a successful shopping experience.