Keep Your Rabbit Happy and Healthy With These 5 Top-Rated Stackable Rabbit Cages

In this blog we'll show you five stackable rabbit cages that are top-rated, affordable, and most importantly, will make sure your rabbits get all the love and care they deserve!

Stackable rabbit Cages

Rabbit owners know how much joy their furry friend can bring, but it is also extremely important to provide the best possible housing for your rabbit. With the right environment, rabbits can stay both healthy and happy! The most important part of creating a suitable home for any rabbit is finding the right cage. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our top 5 stackable cages - perfect for any rabbit lover looking to ensure their beloved pet has a comfortable and safe place to play and sleep. For the best experience while viewing our website, please ensure your browser is updated and accepting cookies.

How we review and choose the best for you

There are so many stackable rabbit cages on the market, it can be nearly impossible to know which one is the best for your furry friend. You don't want to take any chances and end up with a cage that's too small or isn't suitable for your rabbit.

With so many reviews out there it gets overwhelming quickly and feels like you're spinning your wheels. Not only that but you're worried about making the wrong choice and taking away from your rabbit's quality of life.

Our team at Rabbit Haven has taken the hassle out of finding the ideal stackable cage for rabbits. We have personally read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best stackable rabbit cages that provide comfortable living quarters for your beloved pet. Take a look at our selection today and make an informed purchase without all the legwork!

Stackable Rabbit cage - Galvanized

LITTLE GIANT Wire Rabbit Hutch - Pet Lodge - Heavy Duty Galvanized Rabbit Home, Easy to Assemble (30" x 36") (Item No. AH3036)

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Why we love it

Are you a lover of bunnies looking for the perfect home for your four-legged friends? Look no further than the LITTLE GIANT Wire Rabbit Hutch. This hutch is designed with heavy-duty galvanized steel so it's both easy to clean and built to last. It is made by a manufacturer of high quality breeding units and cages for your rabbits. Whether you plan to keep your rabbit friends inside or outside, this cage will stand up to wear and tear from sun, rain and snow. Plus, its protective vinyl door guard ensures that your furry companions will be safe and sound when entering and exiting their home each day. With its ease of cleaning, long-lasting material, and protective covers, the LITTLE GIANT Wire Rabbit Hutch is just what any bunny needs!

What you should know

If you're looking for a rabbit cage that's easy to assemble, this might not be the one for you - but if you're up for a little DIY, the stackable design is definitely worth considering. With wire clips included, you'll have everything you need to put it together. And once you've got one set up, you can add more - up to four cages can be stacked on the Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch Frame Kit (sold separately). With three size options available, you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend at a reasonable cost. Just don't forget to invite them to the assembly party!

37 inch Stackable Rabbit Cage 

37" Homey Pet Heavy Duty Metal Open Top Cage w/Floor Grid, Casters and Tray

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Why we love it

Introducing the all-new 37" Homey Pet Cage, perfect for your favorite furry friends! Whether you're a fan of rabbits or other small animals, this pet cage will be the home they always dreamed of.

This cage is stackable, so it's perfect if you have multiple little ones. The size L37"xW22"xH31" has everything your pet needs and provides plenty of room to play, explore, and sleep. The side bar spaces are 1" each, and the floor grid bars are 0.48", so all of your pets can comfortably fit inside. It is strong enough to hold animals up to 70lbs too.

Let's not forget one of the best features - the open top design! Now taking your beloved into their new home is a piece of cake; just gently guide them in and they'll feel right at home in no time! The lockable casters provide easy mobility so you can easily move the cage around while keeping them safe and secure inside. Additionally, the unique floor grid design keeps your furry pal clean and dry too! It contains both top and front access doors and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning.

So why not let your little buddy experience ultimate happiness? After all, who could say no to such an incredible place that would make them feel comforted and at ease? Get the 37" Homey Pet Cage now for endless hours of cuddling with your favorite rabbit or small animals today!

What you should know

Looking for a rabbit cage that can handle your furry friend's antics? Look no further than this heavy duty, all-metal cage with a safety auto lock design. And the best part? The nontoxic finished surface means your bunny can chew to their heart's content without any worries. Plus, no need to dread cleaning time - the ultra strong pull out tray makes it a breeze. And for extra protection on those delicate bunny feet, the tray can even fit inside the cage. Meow, that's what we call a smart choice for your beloved rabbit! These Cages are for medium to full sized breeds. They are sold individually or can be stacked up to three high! Each cage comes with legs, that lock together when stacked. Attractive and compact design works well indoors or outdoors.

2 Levels Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Krolik Extra-Large Two-Story Rabbit Cage in Burgundy | Small animals, Rabbit Cage Includes All Accessories & Measures 39L x 20.3W x 36.2H & Includes All Accessories | 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Why we love it

Make your pet rabbit feel extra special with this Ferplast Krolik Extra-Large Two-Story Rabbit Cage! Designed for the modern rabbit lover, this two story cage provides ample living space for your bunny to enjoy. With two separate living quarters, one on each floor, you can give your pet the best of both worlds. The top floor has a large water bottle and feeding bowl for easy access to food and water. On the ground level there is an elevated feeding area and hay feeder for added convenience. Plus this rabbit cage also makes litter containment a breeze by separating the living space from their messy habits.

This premium rabbit cage measures 39L x 20.3W x 36.2H inches and comes with everything you need to get started right away. Truly a perfect starter kit, with access ramp this Ferplast Krolik Extra-Large Two-Story Rabbit Cage will provide your furry friend and small rabbits all the comforts of home and help you become the best rabbit parent in town! Bring home this beautiful cage for a reasonable price today and watch your beloved pet's life upgrade at lightning speed! You can filter, sort and see more options on Amazon website.

What you should know

Are you tired of struggling to clean your rabbit's cage? Well, fret no more my furry friends! This stackable rabbit cage is the answer to all of your maintenance woes. Not only does it feature two deep plastic bases that can easily detach for cleaning, but it also has convenient access with a sliding front door on the first floor and full front and side door access on the top floor. You'll be hopping with joy at the thought of how easy it is to keep your rabbit's home tidy. It's time to say goodbye to the messy cages of the past and hello to a cleaner, more organized space for your furry friend.

36 inch Stackable rabbit cage

AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel with Tray, 36-inch

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Why we love it

Attention all Rabbit Lovers! Are you tired of using kennels that don't withstand the test of time? Well, look no further than the AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel. This 36-inch kennel is the perfect solution to your rabbit housing needs. The durable iron and polypropylene material construction not only looks fabulous in its sleek black finish, but it's also strong enough to provide your little furry friend with a safe and secure place to stay. But that’s not all – an added pull-out tray makes it easier than ever to clean up after your bunny and keep their home environment free of messes. So say goodbye to cheaply made pet enclosures and invest in the long-lasting, showroom look and quality that only comes with the AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel. And what’s more, once you’ve tried it for yourself, you’ll never want another kennel again!

What you should know

If you're anything like us, you can never have too many rabbits (or any small pets, really). But with more pets comes the need for more space, which is where this stackable rabbit cage comes in handy. Not only does it have a top that opens up for easy access (because let's face it, chasing rabbits around their cage is not a fun time), but it also has lockable casters for easy moving and positioning. Plus, if you need to take a break from being the Mother (or Father) of Rabbits, it can collapse for compact storage. It's basically the rabbit hotel room of your dreams, and it's backed by a 1-year limited warranty from Amazon Basics. Trust me, your bunnies will thank you.

43 inch Stackable Double Rabbit cage

Homey Pet-43 All Metal Open Top Stackable Heavy Duty Cage(Lower) w/Floor Grid, Tray, Divider, Open Top, and Feeding Bowl

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Why we love it

Are you looking for the perfect home for your fuzzy-wuzzy rabbit friend? The Homey Pet-43 All Metal Open Top Stackable Heavy Duty Cage is a great way to give your bunny a safe and comfortable place to call their own! It’s made of durable, heavy duty metal and comes with one divider, two feeding bowls, two trays, four casters, and two metal floor grids–all covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus, it’s stackable so you can get the most out of your bunny’s living space! With easy assembly designed especially for bunnies big and small, at 42.5" x 28" x 33", this cozy cage is an ideal choice for any rabbit lover! This cage is also suitable for smaller dogs.

What you should know

Who says rabbit houses can't be stylish? Not this stackable rabbit cage! With four feeding doors and two feeding bowls, your furry friend will be living the life of luxury. Plus, an open top and extra wide doors mean no more struggling to get your bunny in and out of their home. And let's not forget about the removable divider panel, giving you the freedom to create two small cages or one large one. Cleaning is a breeze with the two pull out trays. Stack it with the DG-43-S, DG-43-T, NT-43-S, or NT-43-T and create a bunny mansion. Additionally you can purchase pull-out tray for catching litter and urine, so there's no wrong way to use this well-appointed cage.

Stackable rabbit cages FAQs

Are you struggling to find a practical yet stylish solution for housing multiple rabbits in your home?

The struggle is real and it feels overwhelming – with all the options out there, how do you pick one that’s right for your bunnies while still looking good?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions that will help to make an informed decision about whether stackable cages are right for you and your bunny.

Can rabbit cages be stacked?

Rabbit cages can be stacked, but there are some important considerations to take into account. It's important that the top cage is well ventilated and that it has access to fresh air. Additionally, make sure the lower cage doesn't get too much heat from the upper cage, as this could cause health issues for your rabbit. Finally, check your rabbits regularly to ensure they are safe and healthy in their stacked cages.

Are tiered cages good for rabbits?

Tiered cages can be beneficial for rabbits, as they provide a larger environment for them to explore. They should have adequate space to move around and access food and water, as well as areas for them to hide and rest. Additionally, the extra heights can give them interesting views of their surroundings and encourage physical activity. However, it's important to make sure that all levels are secure and escape-proof.

What cage is best for 2 rabbits?

The best cage for two rabbits is a large, multi-level enclosure that provides enough space and enrichment. It should have several levels with ramps or stairs for the rabbits to explore at their own pace. Additionally, make sure the enclosure has enough hiding places for them to rest in and is escape proof. The cage should also be well ventilated and easy to clean.

Can bunnies have 2 story cages?

Yes, bunnies can definitely have two-story cages. This type of cage provides ample space for them to explore, giving them stimulating views and plenty of opportunities to exercise. However, it's important that the cage is well-secured so they do not escape, as well as having ramps or stairs that they can use to get up and down safely. Finally, the enclosure should be well ventilated and easy to clean.

Do bunnies like to stack cups?

Bunnies may enjoy playing with cups, but it's unlikely that they will stack them like some other animals do. However, bunnies can still have lots of fun with their cups. Try providing them with several different sizes and textures to explore and investigate. You can also hide treats inside the cups for them to find, as well as fill them with hay and treats for enrichment.

How many times should a bunny be out of its cage?

Bunnies should have at least an hour or two of exercise time outside of their cage each day. If possible, they should be given supervised time outside the cage to explore and play in a safe environment. It's important to keep them away from potential hazards like electrical cords, sharp edges, and other animals. Additionally, it's best to not leave them outside for more than 4 hours at a time.

Maximizing Space: How Stackable Rabbit Cages Can Improve Your Pet’s Living Environment
Hey Pet Lovers! Are you finding it difficult to fit all your furry friends into the same small space? Is your home looking more like a pet circus than a family residence? We’re here to show you how stackable rabbit cages can solve all your space issues in an efficient and effective way!

Stackable rabbit cages for you and for your furry friend

Your little bunny friend and you will absolutely enjoy our top picks for the best stackable rabbit cages. Not only are they stylish in design, but they provide a comfortable living environment; keeping your bunny happy and healthy. The wire grill on each layer allows for fresh air circulation and prevents ammonia buildup – always check that there is adequate ventilation in the cage before purchasing! As well as being safe, practical and easy to clean, these stackable cages minimize space thereby providing more room to play in. No matter which one you choose from our list, rest assured that your pet bunny will love it too. Therefore why not make an informed decision today and grab the best stackable rabbit cages for you both? Click the button check prices on Amazon. These are our best seller options that you can order from Amazon today and get free delivery!