The 5 Best Cockatoo Toys You Can Buy in 2023

Discover the 5 best cockatoo toys that are available on the market right now. These toys are sure to keep your bird entertained for hours on end.


Looking for the best cockatoo toys on the market? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss five of the best options currently available. These toys are sure to keep your cockatoo entertained for hours on end. Let's get started!

How we choose the best for you

It can be hard to find the best  toys for your bird.

You want to make sure that you are getting a good quality toy for your bird, but there are so many different options out there it's difficult to know which one is the best.

We have done all of the research for you and we have found the top 5 Cockatoo Toys on the market today. These toys are made with high-quality bird safe materials and will keep your bird entertained for hours.

Wood Chew Toy for Cockatoo

Alysontech Large Parrot Chew Toy for Bird Macaw African Greys Cockatoo Eclectus Cage Wood Toy

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Why we love it

Introducing Alysontech's Large Parrot Chew Toy – the ideal way to stimulate your Cockatoo without worrying about putting them in danger! Made with natural, safe wood, and bird safe materials this toy is designed for the smartest parrots around. With its unique and novel design, its no wonder that your bird will be chirpily distracted for hours on end! But it’s not just something that looks good either - with its particularly resistant bite, even if your parrot is the strongest chewers around, they won't have anything on this toy. You might even forget you own it–so long as it looks unscathed by the time you come home!

Of course, what bird doesn’t love bright colors? This toy comes complete with a variety of gorgeous shades to make sure it makes your feathered family member feel like royalty. Best of all, it’s sure to keep them occupied when biting and playing. So don't wait - bring a splash of color over to your parrot's playtime now – you know they deserve it!

What you should know

If you're looking for a toy that is designed to make your medium-large bird's day, look no further than this cockatoo toy! Measuring 11.8 inches, it provides entertainment and stimulation whilst allowing your pet bird plenty of chewing fun due to the large pieces generously included.Because of its size you won't be able to fit many other toys in there with this one.  However, installing it in your pet's cage is an absolute breeze. . So why not give your little buddy to this engaging activity toy today - they certainly deserve it!

Chewing Toy for Cockatoo

Planet Pleasures Octopus Piata Bird Toy, Large

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Why we love it

Love your Cockatoo but running out of ways to entertain them? Fret no more! Planet Pleasures Octopus Piñata Bird Toy has the answer! This innovative toy is sure to provide hours of entertainment. With eight long arms, it's difficult for boredom to catch up with your feathered pal. Plus, the toy is stuffed with natural fibers such as shredders that keep it soft and springy - perfect for beak picking and preening! Best of all, its colors are sure to captivate your little buddy. Treat them to a real sea of fun and watch their day go swimmingly with the Planet Pleasures Octopus Piñata Bird Toy.

What you should know

Introduce yourself to a new companion with this fun and engaging cockatoo toy! With its light-weight 0.31 pounds, it's easy to take it around the house or on a walk. It's made from all-natural, shreddable materials to help safely condition your bird's beak.  You'll have the opportunity to watch the cockatoo explore at 9.69" L X 3.54" W X 2.68" H dimensions - you'll be sure to enjoy their playful and curious nature! Get ready for laughter and long-lasting interactions between you and your new 'treat' friend today!

Wood Chew Toy for Cockatoo and smaller birds

Keersi Natural Wood Bird Chew Toy for Parrot Conure Macaw African Grey Amazon Cockatoo Amazon Budgies Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Cage

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Why we love it

Introducing Keersi’s Natural Wood Bird Chew Toy! Sure to be the envy of your Cockatoo, this natural wood chew toy will keep your cockatoo or cockatiel entertained and engaged, without having to introduce a new friend into their tight-knit flock. Crafted from all-natural bird safe materials, this sturdy and durable chew toy will add hours of stimulation, amusement and activity to even the staidest bird cages. So don’t leave them with their head in their feathers - get them something that will make them squawk for joy! Installing it is easy too – just hang it up anywhere in your pet's cage and let the fun commence. Your fine-pet birds will love this charming toy, pecking away happily before bedtime and in between naps throughout the day. Remember: happy birds are good birds – so pick up the Keersi Natural Wood Bird Chew Toy today!

What you should know

This amazing cockatoo toy is the perfect choice. It's only 14.9 inches by 3.9 inches, but it offers so much entertainment. The natural wood and non-toxic materials ensure a safe playing experience while the colorful design is sure to please any bird that gets its claws on it! Your cockatoo will have hours of joy discovering new places to explore and shapes to play with--all while staying away from dangerous materials. So go ahead, make your bird a happy one today with this awesome toy!

Palm Leaves Toy for Cockatoo

Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy, Medium

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Why we love it

Introducing the Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy—the perfect toy for your medium-sized birds! This pineapple-shaped toy is filled with colorful, palm leaves that your feathered friends will love. What's more, this forage toy comes with a bonus: knowledge about all kinds of birds! With our "That Bird Blog" having your bird's back, you can be sure that providing your pet with an enriching experience has never been easier.  This toy is built using lots of different textures to give your Cockatoo lots of beak-teasingly good flavours. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to wave goodbye to boring birds toys and usher in a pineapple full of fun.

What you should know

Planet Pleasure's toys are perfect for any pet birds. Not only do they provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation, but all the bird safe materials used to make them come from natural sources. This means there are no artificial or chemical components that can harm your feathery friend. Plus, with a variety of colors to pick from, you can find the perfect one to match your pet’s personality. It’s sure to become their new favorite toy! And you'll get to enjoy watching it!

Foraging Toy for Cockatoos, Large Amazons and similar size Parrots

Super Bird Creations SB634 Foraging 4 Way Forager Bird Toy with Clear Acrylic Cups, Medium/Large Bird Size, 12"x7"x7"

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Why we love it

Do you have a bird that loves to forage? Are you looking for an entertaining and convenient way to keep your feathered pal active without the mess? Look no further than the Super Bird Creations Foraging Toy! This durable toy features bright colors and dishwasher-safe acrylic cups that are sure to capture your bird's attention. There are hiding spots to encourage foraging. It also includes easy-to-refill, crystal clear acrylic cups, so your avian friend can enjoy delicious treats. Plus, you'll be able to watch as they search for their snacks—just don't forget the camera! With this fun and reliable toy, your bird will be flying high with satisfaction.

What you should know

This delightful cockatoo toy is more than just a fun plaything. The 4 Way Forager bird toy actually offers enrichment benefits to parrots, such as satisfying their instinctual drive to forage. By providing these toys in your pet's cage and placing them at different heights, your pet bird will be encouraged to explore and move around. And not only that – bird toys like this can help prevent boredom, which commonly leads to depression, aggression, or destructive behavior in parrots. It easily clips to the top of your bird's cage and is durable for extended uses. With this toy aiding your pet’s physical activity and mental engagement, you’ll have one happy (and busy!) little creature.

Toys for Cockatoos FAQs

Buying a new toy for your Cockatoo can be confusing if you don't know what to look for.

With so many different types of toys on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your bird.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about toys for cockatoo to help make your decision easier. From what type of toy is best for a young bird, to how to keep your bird entertained, we have you covered.

Do cockatoos need toys?

Cockatoos do need toys, and they will often get quite bored without them. Toys help to keep cockatoos mentally stimulated and can help prevent them from developing behavioral problems. Some good toy options for cockatoos include wooden bird-shaped puzzles, large bells, bird swings, boings (long rubber bands) and various foraging toys. You can actually hide treats inside the bell for your bird to encourage foraging keeping your bird occupied for long periods. Parrots and cockatoos need plenty of foraging opportunities. Fill with favorite toy parts or non-perishable treats to encourage foraging and enjoy watching!

What toys cockatoos like?

Different cockatoos like different kinds of toys. Some like to play with balls on chain, others like to play with rope or shred paper or cardboard. There are also coconut and cactus toys, willow and palm toys and cardboard and paper toys to name but a few. It's important to find out what your cockatoo likes to play with and provide a variety of toys, especially foraging toys for them to enjoy. Or you can get other toys where the food is actually hidden inside a puzzle or inside boxes. Cockatoos and other birds love to shred apart just about anything, and it can serve as good beak conditioning for them. There are also coconut and cactus toys, willow and palm toys and cardboard and paper toys to name but a few. Give them forage bird toy with a variety of treats, toy parts and shreddable materials and watch them go wild!

How do you keep a cockatoo entertained?

There are a few things you can do to keep your cockatoo entertained. One is to give it a variety of toys to play with, such as wooden blocks, balls, and perches. Do not give your Cockatoo all toys at once; wait until they've become bored of one toy before handing them a new one. They also love toys made of shreddable bird safe materials. Birds are instantly attracted to colors and textures. For example you can hang a bell on chain, or rope to swing or create a ladder or bridge to the cage. Go fo toys that are not easily destroyed. You can also provide it with different types of food to eat, like fresh fruits and vegetables. And finally, you can talk to your cockatoo and interact with it regularly. This will help keep it mentally stimulated and amused.

How do you know if cockatoo is happy?

There are a few things to look for when trying to determine if your cockatoo is happy. One of the most obvious signs is that your cockatoo will be vocal and active. They may also be seen preening, playing, and/or sunbathing. If your cockatoo isn't displaying any of these behaviors, it may be an indication that they're not happy. It's important to note, however, that not all unhappy cockatoos will display these behaviors. So if you're concerned that your bird may not be content, it's best to speak with a avian veterinarian.

What do cockatoos fear?

There's no one answer to this question since different cockatoos fear different things. However, some of the most common fears include loud noises, unfamiliar people or animals, being away from their flock or family, and being in closed-in spaces. Cockatoos are also very curious birds and can sometimes get into trouble when they explore new things that scare them.

How often do cockatoos need a bath?

They typically only need a bath when they get really dirty, but it varies depending on the cockatoo's activity level and diet.

Parrots are generally messy eaters, and the powder down that they produce can help them stay clean. Cockatoos also like to take baths in water, which helps keep them cool in warm weather. So unless your cockatoo is really dirty, you may not need to bathe him/her as often as you think.

Can you cuddle a cockatoo?

It depends on the cockatoo. Some people have no problem cuddling their cockatoos, while others find that they are too nippy. I would recommend asking the breeder or someone who already owns a cockatoo if you can cuddle it, and if not, find an animal that is more suited to being cuddled.

Do cockatoos get attached to one person?

Yes, cockatoos can certainly become attached to one person. They are very social animals and love interacting with their human companions. Some people even report that their cockatoos seem to "know" when something is wrong and will come over to offer comfort. This strong emotional bond is one of the things that makes them such amazing pets.

Cockatoo Toys for you and your feathered friend

After considering the facts and opinions of all aspects of what makes a great cockatoo toy, we have narrowed down our research to the absolute best. Our list of products should help both you and your friend in finding the perfect Cockatoo toys that brings joy, entertainment, and safety for your bird friend. Don't worry about spending too much of your hard earned money! You can now rest easy knowing that these toys are not only high-quality but also affordable. So why not take advantage of this wonderful purchase opportunity? You can shop online to look for a brand you like or click quick link on the button Check Price and pick the cockatoo toy that fulfills both your friend's exciting recreational needs and fits into a reasonable budget. With a continued dedication to offering truly great product selections, shopping online has never been easier! Read other articel on our website to get early bird access to exclusive deals, new arrivals, guest blogs and more..