Creating a Fun Environment: Best Cockatiel Toys for Your Feathered Friend

Want to provide your feathered friend with hours of entertainment and engagement? We're about to show you all the best toys for cockatiels that will keep them busy and happy!

Cocaktiel Toys

As a cockatiel lover, you know how important it is to provide your feathered friend with an enriching and stimulating environment. Keeping your cockatiel engaged and entertained will not only improve their quality of life but also ensure their physical and mental health. One of the best ways to provide an exciting environment for your cockatiel is by giving them access to a variety of toys. In this blog post, we will explore the best cockatiel toys that you can introduce to your feathered friend to keep them entertained and happy.

From the classic ladder and swing to interactive puzzles and foraging toys, it's important to find the right balance of items that will appeal to your cockatiel. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect toys:

  • Choose toys made from safe materials such as natural wood or non-toxic plastic.
  • Look for items with different textures, colors, and shapes to keep your cockatiel engaged.
  • Get toys that can be easily manipulated like bells or hanging objects.
  • Introduce a variety of different types of toys to promote exploration and playtime creativity.

Bell Toys

Cockatiels love toys that make noise, and bell toys are among their favorites. These toys come in various sizes and shapes, and can be hung inside or outside of the cage. Some bell toys are designed with smaller bells within a larger bell, which creates a unique sound. You can also find bell toys that are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel or acrylic.

Ladder and Swing Toys

Ladder and swing toys are a great way to give your cockatiel some exercise. Both types of toys can be hung from the top of the cage or mounted on the side in order to provide more space for exploration. The ladder should have plenty of steps that vary in size, so your feathered friend can climb up and down easily. Swings can also be fun for your cockatiel, as they can swing or hang from the perch to find a comfortable resting spot.

Shredder Toys

Cockatiels love to chew, and shredder toys are the perfect toy to satisfy their chewing needs. These toys are made from natural materials, such as vine balls or woven palm leaves, and provide several benefits for your cockatiel. Not only do they help keep their beaks healthy, but they also improve their mental agility by providing a challenge to get to the core of the toy. Chewing on soft wood keeps beaks trim and healthy.

Climbing Toys

Cockatiels love to climb and explore their environment. Introducing climbing toys to their cage will fulfill their natural instinct to climb and perch on various objects. Climbing toys come in various shapes and sizes, including ladders, ropes, and swings. You can also find climbing toys that are designed with hanging toys attached to them for added entertainment.

Foraging Toys

Cockatiels are intelligent birds that need mental stimulation to stay healthy. Foraging toys are the perfect way to keep your cockatiel mentally active and engaged. These toys are designed to provide a challenge for your feathered friend to work out how to get the treats inside. Foraging toys come in various shapes and sizes, and can be filled with different treats, such as nuts, seeds, or even fresh fruits and veggies. To stimulate this natural behavior, you can include some of these toys for cockatiels in your bird's cage.

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Puzzle Toys

Like foraging toys, puzzle toys are designed to keep your cockatiel mentally engaged. These toys come in various shapes and sizes and are often designed with different levels of difficulty, depending on your cockatiel's level of cognitive development. Some puzzle toys come with hidden treats, while others require your feathered friend to perform an action, such as lifting a lid or turning a lever, to access the reward. Puzzle toys are safe for cockatiels and other parrots to play with.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are a great way to give your cockatiel something fun to chew on. These toys come in various shapes and sizes, and can be hung from the top or side of the cage. They also provide an excellent source of exercise as they help strengthen their claws, feet, and wings. Look for rope toys that are made with natural fibers such as cotton or jute, and that are free of any toxic dyes or chemicals. If your bird likes to chew on rope toys, they should be removed from the enclosure to avoid causing gastrointestinal issues.

Foot Toys

Foot toys are designed to give your cockatiel something fun to play with outside of their cage. These toys come in various shapes and sizes, and can be filled with treats or small objects that your feathered friend can forage for. Foot toys are a great way to stimulate your cockatiel's natural curiosity and encourage exploration around the room.


What do cockatiels like to do for fun?

Cockatiels are playful birds and they love to explore their environment. They also like to chew on toys and forage for treats. Providing a variety of stimulating activities, such as playing with bells, exploring ladders and swings, shredding materials, climbing objects, and solving puzzles can help keep your cockatiel mentally engaged and physically active.  Toys that cockatiels like include hanging bird toys, chewable toys, puzzle toys and toys they can climb, perch on, roll, move and bat.

What are foraging toys for cockatiels?

Foraging toys are designed to challenge your cockatiel's cognitive development by providing a reward that the bird must work for. These toys come in various shapes and sizes, and can be filled with different treats, such as nuts, seeds, or even fresh fruits and veggies. Foraging toys can help keep your feathered friend mentally active while satisfying their natural instinct to explore and search for food.

What are safe toys for cockatiel?

When selecting toys for your cockatiel, it's important to look for items made from safe materials such as natural wood or non-toxic plastic. You should also avoid any items with small or sharp parts that could pose a choking hazard. Regularly inspect the toys in your cockatiel's cage and remove any items that are broken or worn-out. This will help ensure your pet's safety while providing them with plenty of fun!

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What do cockatiels love the most?

Cockatiels love spending time with their owners and interacting with them. They also enjoy perching on their human's shoulder or hand, taking shower baths, playing with toys, eating treats, and exploring new environments. Providing your cockatiel with plenty of mental stimulation can help improve their quality of life by keeping them engaged and entertained.  With the right care and attention, your feathered friend is sure to live a long and happy life!

How often should I change my cockatiel's toys?

It's important to regularly rotate your cockatiel's toys in order to keep them entertained. Try replacing some of the items every few weeks or months with new ones. This will help keep your pet mentally stimulated and prevent any boredom from setting in. Also, make sure to regularly inspect the toys for any damage or wear-and-tear, and remove any items that are broken or worn-out. This will help ensure your cockatiel's safety while providing them with plenty of fun!

Can I give my cockatiel treats?

Yes, you can give your cockatiel treats as a reward. There are many safe and nutritious options available, such as pieces of fresh fruits or vegetables, nuts, cooked grains, and boiled eggs. However, it's important to limit the amount of treats you offer in order to maintain a balanced diet for your feathered friend. Also, make sure that all treats are given in moderation and never exceed 10% of your cockatiel's daily calorie intake.

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Can cockatiels get bored?

Yes, cockatiels can easily become bored if they don't have enough stimulating activities to keep them engaged. Boredom can manifest itself in the form of behavior such as plucking feathers, incessant squawking, or even self-mutilation. To prevent boredom from setting in, it's important to provide your feathered friend with plenty of toys and activities to keep them mentally and physically active. This includes introducing new toys regularly, providing climbing objects, and offering foraging opportunities. With the right care and attention, your cockatiel is sure to lead a happy and fulfilled life!

What do cockatiels dislike?

Cockatiels can be sensitive birds and they don't like sudden loud noises or bright lights. They also dislike when their environment is too cold, so it's important to make sure their cage is in a warm area of your home. Additionally, cockatiels are social creatures that thrive on companionship. If they are alone for long periods of time without

How do I know my cockatiel is happy?

A happy cockatiel will show signs such as preening their feathers, singing or chirping uncontrollably, and whistling happily. They may also have bright eyes, be active and energetic, and groom themselves often. You can also tell if your feathered friend is content by observing how they interact with their environment- if they explore different objects in their cage, climb ladders and swings, or play with their toys, then your cockatiel is probably enjoying life!

Can I use coconut shell as a cockatiel toy?

Yes, you can use coconut shell as a toy for your cockatiel. Coconut shells and husks are great natural materials that provide an enriching activity for your pet to explore. However, be sure to inspect the material regularly and remove any broken pieces immediately for safety reasons. Additionally, the sharp edges of the shell could cause injury to your cockatiel if they are not properly sanded down. It's best to stick with bird-safe materials such as natural wood or non-toxic plastic when selecting toys for your feathered friend.  The wooden beads encourage cockatiles to play and soft wood branches, cotton rope, coconut shell and sisal rope to encourage foot and beak exercise.

What kind of environment do cockatiels need to be happy?

Cockatiels need a secure environment that is warm and stimulating. Make sure their cage is in an area not prone to sudden loud noises or extreme temperature changes. It should also be spacious enough to allow them to move around freely and include plenty of toys and objects for them to explore. Additionally, cockatiels are social birds that need companionship, so try to spend time with your pet every day by talking, singing, or playing with them. With the right environment and care, your feathered friend is sure to lead a long and happy life!

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What should I do if my cockatiel is stressed?

If your cockatiel shows signs of stress, such as plucking their feathers or becoming aggressive, it's important to take steps to reduce their anxiety. Try introducing new toys and activities that will help stimulate them mentally and physically. If the situation is more serious, you should seek the help of a professional avian veterinarian. With the right care and attention, you can create an environment that is both safe and enjoyable for your feathered friend!

How do I know if my cockatiel is bored?

If your cockatiel is bored, they may show signs of lethargy or aggression. They may also start plucking their feathers or vocalizing more than usual. In order to prevent boredom from setting in, it's important to provide your pet with plenty of stimulating activities and toys that will keep them mentally active. Rotating different items in the cage every few days or weeks can also help keep them entertained. With the right care and attention, your cockatiel is sure to live a long and happy life!

At the end...

Keeping your cockatiel entertained and engaged is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership. Introducing a variety of toys to your feathered friend's cage will not only keep them physically and mentally healthy but also provide hours of entertainment. When choosing the best toys for your cockatiel, consider their individual preferences and make sure that the toys are suitable for their size and age. With the right toys, your cockatiel will enjoy a fun and stimulating environment that will keep them happy and content. Have fun picking out safe toys and introducing them to your feathered friend! Click the button below to see our list of top 3 cockatiel toys you can buy today!