Foraging Toys for Birds to Keep Their Minds Active and Busy

In this blog, we are going to show you some of the best foraging toys that you can get for your bird to keep their minds active and entertained!

Foraging Toys for Birds

Do you want to keep your bird mentally stimulated?

Foraging bird toys are a great way to do that. They provide a fun challenge for birds, helping to keep them mentally stimulated and entertained.

In this article, we will discuss the 3 best foraging toys for birds. These toys will help to keep your bird's mind active and engaged, providing them with hours of fun!

Continue reading to learn more about the best toys for your birds!

How we choose the best for you

It can be difficult to find the best foraging toys for parrots or birds, as there are so many different options available. All of the different foraging toy options can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know what to look for.

We have taken all of the guesswork out of finding the perfect toy for your bird. After reading thousands of customer reviews, we have compiled a list of the best-rated and most popular foraging toys on the market today.

YINGGE Wooden Bird Foraging Feeder Toys, Intelligence Toys, Puzzle toys

Bird foraging toys, Best for Medium Parrots Sun Conures, Caique, Cockatoo, African Grey or similar sized birds

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Why we love it

Introducing the YINGGE Wooden Bird Foraging Feeder Toys, a must-have item for any bird or parrot owners! This attractive, convenient feeder is the perfect enrichment toy to stimulate your parrot’s intelligence. Teach them how to pull out each drawer and reward them with some delicious treats or fun toys hidden inside. This foraging puzzle feeder helps encourage problem solving and interaction among both bird and human. It’s a great way to build trust, confidence and enrichment across species. Plus, you don’t have to worry about constantly having to fill it up as each drawer can carry an adequate portion of food or treats that stays fresh until they are removed by your feathered friend. So what are you waiting for? Start providing your pet with this amazing stimulating experience today - get hold of the YINGGE Wooden Bird Foraging Feeder Toys!

What you should know

The perfect foraging toy for your medium or large parrots such as Sun Conures, Caiques, Cockatoos, and African Greys! This toy is designed to keep your bird entertained and its size of 8.2*3.1*2.4 inches ensures that it can be enjoyed by pet birds of every size. The natural juices from the wood combined with hemp rope make this toy safe and non-toxic; no dyeing chemicals are present, so you won't need to worry about any harm coming to your beloved pet. This toy allows your bird to stay active and it helps reduce aggression and loneliness - the perfect way to keep your parrot in a stable and happy mood while also improving their health!

Deloky Large Bird Parrot Chewing Toy - Multicolored Natural Wooden Blocks Bird Parrot Tearing Toys

Foraging fun, Best for Large Macaws, Cockatoos, African Grey and a Variety of Amazon Parrots

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Why we love it

Welcome your feathered companion to the ultimate in fun with Deloky's Large Bird Parrot Chewing Toy! This unique, one-of-a-kind toy is sure to keep your parrot entertained for hours. The vibrant colors and multiple layers send an exciting message of adventure, while the multiple shapes compel the parrot to explore and climb. The wooden beads sprinkled across have been carefully secured with a metal chain to stand any pressure from chewing, ensuring maximum satisfaction and safety for your pet. Add this large bird parrot chewing toy to your feathered companion's play area, and watch as they enjoy hours of climbing, exploring and biting - all without getting bored! With such an amazing design and entire worlds within this toy, you'll both get hours of enjoyment out of it. So why not give it a shot? You'll be glad you did. Get Deloky's Large Bird Parrot Chewing Toy today!

What you should know

Give your bird a natural environment with this foraging toy! With its various multi-colored blocks arranged in multiple layers, your pet friends can be sure to have hours of exploring and climbing fun. They can also use their beaks to pull apart the cotton rope knots and satisfy their need to chew. The safe, pet-friendly materials make it worry free for you as well as enjoyable for your birds. Plus, its large size (15.7" x 9.8") is perfect for a wide variety of birds like finches, budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, conures, and lovebirds to keep them happily engaged for many days along the way!

Parrot Toys, Natural Corn cob Chewing Bird Toys

Best for Small and Medium-Sized Macaws, Small Cockatoos, African Gray Parrots and a Variety of Amazon Parrots

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Why we love it

Introducing Natural Corn cob Chewing Bird Toys - the perfect playtime activity for feathered friends! Boasting a unique design made from fun and colorful rattan balls, corn cobs and husks, your birds will have plenty of safe entertainment for hours. The combination of soft and hard joints provides birds with beaks of different hardness levels the perfect chewing experience. Not only does this toy keep them stimulated, but it promotes healthy dental hygiene too! Perfectly safe to use, this natural solution to your pet's boredom is non-toxic and designed with love. With bright colors and a variety of materials that appeal to birds’ natural curiosity, this bird toy is sure to delight you as much as it delights them! So join in on the fun – pick up a Natural Corn Cob Chewing Bird Toy today!

What you should know

With this foraging toy, you can keep your pet happy and relaxed! It's made of entirely natural and safe materials like corn cob, natural rattan ball, and macaw food coloring. This purely handmade toy comes in bright colors that will capture the attention of birds, but with no harm to them whatsoever. Curved beak hooks make it incredibly easy to install on top or side of a pet cage as a beautiful accessory. Your pet will love playing with this toy for hours, releasing their anxiety while increasing their interest in being around you. So get one now and enjoy more time with your beloved winged friend!

Toys for Parrots

Foraging Toys for Your Pet Birds FAQs

You love your bird, but you're not sure if foraging is the right type of toy for them.

Foraging can be a great way to keep your bird entertained and mentally stimulated, but it's important to choose the right type of foraging toy for your specific bird.

We've put together this list of the most frequently asked questions about foraging toys for pet birds to help make the decision easier for you. From what types of birds enjoy foraging to how to introduce a new toy, we have the answers you need.

What is a foraging toy?

A foraging toy is a type of toy that encourages a pet bird to work for its food. These toys support mental stimulation and typically have a variety of different compartments, chambers, and lids that can be opened to reveal hidden food or treats. This stimulates the bird's natural scavenging instincts and keeps it mentally stimulated.

Why are foraging toys good for birds?

In the wild, parrots spend a lot of their day foraging for food. Foraging toys are challenging toys that are good for birds because they help keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Just like humans, birds need stimulation in order to stay healthy and happy. Foraging toys provide birds with a fun way to work their minds and muscles, which helps keep them mentally alert and physically fit. Additionally, foraging toys help promote natural bird behavior, such as foraging for food, which is an important part of a bird's day-to-day life.

So if you're looking for a way to keep your bird entertained and healthy, be sure to introduce some foraging toys into its environment!

How do you make a bird toy foraging?

There are many different ways to make a bird toy foraging, but one of the most popular methods is to use a cardboard tube. The basic idea is to hide treats or stuff some treats inside the tube and then secure it shut so that the bird has to work to get to the goodies inside.

One thing you'll want to keep in mind is that birds need plenty of exercise, and foraging toys are a great way to help them get their workout. So be sure to offer your bird some other toys as well so that it can have a well-rounded playtime.

What are the best parrot foraging toys the birds like the most?

There's no one answer to this question, as different birds prefer different types of toys. Some birds like to play with mirrors, others enjoy playing with toy balls or chews, and still others love swings, ladders, or perches.

That said, there are a few types of natural toys that are generally popular among most kinds of birds. Parrot foraging toys make from Wooden blocks and chew toys are both favorites among many avian species, as they provide a lot of stimulation and help keep beaks healthy. Bells and other noisy toys are also often enjoyed by birds, as they can provide hours of amusement. You can use a coconut shell as a foraging toy and hang it in bird's cage. And finally, all natural toys and other hanging toys are always a hit with parrots and other climbing birds.

What household items can birds play with?

Some birds enjoy playing with shiny objects, so you can give them a few small mirrors. You can also provide them with some safe wooden blocks or other toys that they can chew on. Avoid giving them anything made of plastic, as birds often mistake these items for food and may choke on them.

What can I give my bird to chew on?

You can give your bird a variety of things to chew on, such as:

- untreated wooden branches or blocks

- straws or other millet sticks

- large seagrass balls

- cotton ropes

- rawhide chews

What toys should birds avoid?

There are a few toys that birds should avoid. First, birds should avoid toxic toys. These are toys made with dangerous materials like lead or zinc that can poison your bird. Second, birds should avoid sharp toys. These are toys with points or edges that can injure your bird. Finally, birds should avoid small toys. These are toys that can be swallowed by your bird and cause choking or intestinal blockages.

Foraging Toys for you and your pet bird

We know that finding the best foraging toy for your bird friend can be tough. We've made it easy for you by doing the research and reading thousands of reviews to find the top toys on Amazon. Check out our list and see which one is right for you and your bird friend. Tap the buttons to check Price on Amazon above and get more information about each toy.