The 5 Best Macaw Toys You Can Buy in 2023

Want to make sure your macaw is entertained for hours on end? Check out the 5 best toys you can buy in 2023. Whether your macaw is a destructive chewer or just loves to play, there's something here for them.

Best Macaw Toys
Best Macaw Toys

Looking for the best toys for your macaw? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss 5 of the best toys that are sure to keep your macaw and other pet birds entertained for hours on end. From perches to puzzle toys, we have got you covered! Keep reading to learn more.

How we choose the best for you

It can be hard to find the best Macaw Toys because there are so many different parrot toys on the market.

There are a wide variety of parrot toys on the market, and finding the right one can be a difficult task. With all of the different options for Macaw Toys, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your bird.

We have done all of the research for you and we have found the best Macaw Toys that are available today. These toys are made with your bird's safety and enjoyment in mind.

Macaw Toy for Gold and Blue

Parrot Toys for Large Birds, Parrots Chew Toy with Colorful Wood Blocks and Bells for Macaws African Grey and Amazon Parrots (Blueberry Style)

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Why we love it

Introducing the Parrot Toys for Large Birds – a fun and safe way to keep your large feathered friend entertained! With its unique blueberry-inspired design, this toy will keep your parrot occupied with its colorful wooden blocks and plastic beads. Plus, the bell at the bottom is great at making sure your curious parrot doesn't cause any damage to furniture or vegetable gardens.

And come on, who doesn't love blueberries? Your parrot will thank you! Best part? It's made with natural wood and food coloring so it's perfectly safe for your fluffy companion! With our Parrot Toys for Large Birds they can chew without worry. So if you want a fun (and safe) way to keep your parrot happy, why not get them their own blueberry paradise?

What you should know

This macaw toy is the perfect choice for pet owners with large birds! It's 55 cm/21.6 in long, so it's ideal for African Grey Parrots, Macaws, Conures, Caiques and Ringnecks. Plus, its simple design makes it easy to hang with quick link - a small screw on the top of the toy can be twisted to quickly fasten it somewhere in your bird's cage. Your feathered friend will love playing with this delightful parrot toy, and you'll love the quality craftsmanship. Give your pet a fun and engaging way to pass the time with this macaw toy! Make it a foraging toy and hide treats inside.

Macaw Toy - Long Lasting Blocks

MEWTOGO Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys for Macaws, African Grey, Amazon Parrots, Large and Medium Sized Birds

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Why we love it

Introducing the MEWTOGO Extra Large Bird Parrot Toy: the perfect accessory for your feathered friends! At an impressive size of 18", this parrot block toy is sure to make a splash in your avian companion's life. Not only is it stylish and attractive enough to catch your bird's eye right away, but the playful design also helps keep your bird squeaking with joy.

This Extra Large Bird Parrot Toy has been specially built for birds of all sizes - including Macaw, Amazon, African grey cockatoos, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, Ara ararauna, Ara glaucogularis, Ara militaris, Ara ambiguus, Ara macao, Ara chloroptera, Ara rubrogenys, Ara severa and Primolius couloni. So no matter what type of feathered friend you have at home, you can rest assured knowing our toy can handle all the fluttering fun that comes with it!

At MEWTOGO, they know just how important quality is when it comes to parrots toys. That's why they make extra sure our Extra Large Bird Parrot Toy has been designed with safety and durability in mind. They want your birds to stay happy and healthy while they enjoy their new favorite toy!

What you should know

If you're looking for a way to give your beloved bird a special treat, this macaw toy is the perfect thing! The hardware part of the toy is made from a high-quality chain that can last even through intense chewing. Plus, the bright and vivid colors used in the design make this the perfect addition to any room - from cages to walls - and give it an extra pop of color. Not only does this beautiful toy look great in any pet owners home, but it also provides your feathered friend with hours of entertainment, giving them an outlet to preen and play. This is one parrot toy that's sure to be long-lasting and well worth adding to their every day routine! FYI You should not buy a parrot toy that is meant for small parrots or medium birds with small beaks, since your Macaw, or similar large-sized bird will make short work of it.

Macaw Toy - Natural Wood

Deloky Large Parrot Toys - Natural Wood Large Bird Chewing Toys Suggested for Macaws , African Grey and a Variety of Large Amazon Parrots

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Why we love it

Welcome to the world of Deloky Large Parrot Toys! Get ready for some serious swashbuckling fun with this innovative, witty bird toy. It's made of food grade color and nature wood, so it's safe as can be! Nutritionally speaking, these blocks are dyed by edible pigments - no extra additives necessary. Plus, they're totally handmade to make sure they last through many chomps. Trust us, your parrot will have the best time ever (even if you know it won't admit to it). So let the adventure begin; your parrot can get its courage on in a safe and reliable environment. Get yours today!

What you should know

A large, fun toy like this macaw is sure to keep your feathered friend entertained for hours. Measuring in at 21.65" X 5.9 ", it's the perfect size for a variety of birds such as Finches, Budgies, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures and Love Birds—providing them with an elevated place to climb and chew on in when they're feeling adventurous. Not only will they spend hours flying around and exploring their new toy, but the natural wood materials also help reduce aggression and loneliness. This toy is 100% natural and handmade and has fibrous materials that are perfect for conditioning your parrot's beak and will help keep it healthy. So get this stimulating and enriching toy today for your parrot and watch as they have tons of fun enjoying it!

Macaw Perch From Natural Wood

Birds LOVE X-Large Bottlebrush Wood Cage Perch

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Why we love it

Introducing the Birds LOVE X-Large Bottlebrush Wood Cage Perch, your favorite parrot's new best friend! With its fun and unique shape and texture, this American-made bottlebrush perch is sure to add some pizzazz to your feathered friend's favorite spot. The large cage perch measures a whopping 2" - 3-1/2" in diameter, with a length of 12" - 16". And since each piece is hand-crafted from the native Florida bottlebrush wood, no two are exactly alike – you may even get one with multiple branches! So give your beloved bird something special to love – get the Birds LOVE X-Large Bottlebrush Wood Cage Perch today!

What you should know

If you are looking for a safe, healthy perch for your large parrot that won't hurt their feet, Bottlebrush is the perfect choice! Not only is it thick and lush, offering comfortable support for your bird when roosting, but its great for chewing or gnawing - essential activities to keep your birds beak shaped and conditioned. This size Bottlebrush perch is specifically designed to accommodate larger species like Blue & Gold Macaws, Hyacinth Macaws and Scarlet Macaws, so you can rest assured knowing that your feathered friend will stay happy, comfortable and safe.

Macaw Toy - Mulicolor Natural Wood

Deloky Large Bird Parrot Chewing Toy - Multicolored Natural Wooden Blocks Bird Parrot Tearing Toys Suggested for Large Macaws cokatoos,African Grey and a Variety of Amazon Parrots(15.7" X 9.8")

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Why we love it

Give your fickle feathered friend something new and exciting to explore with the Deloky Large Bird Parrot Chew Toy! This must-have parrot toy is not only loaded with vibrant colors, wooden beads and metal chain, but also provides multiple layers for your parrot to climb and explore. With multi-colored blocks arranged to pique their curiosity, this fun plaything will have them flapping about in no time. So come fly on over for a wild ride with Deloky's Large Bird Parrot Chew Toy!

What you should know

Looking for the perfect toy to keep your feathered friend occupied? Look no further! This macaw toy is perfect for large parrots. It's large size (15.7 x 9.8 inches) ensures that it can be used for a long time and provides them with an elevated area to climb and chew on. It's safe too as it is made from 100% natural wood which is dyed by edible pigments – totally handmade and guaranteed not to harm your beloved pet!

Macaw Toys FAQs

People love macaws, but they can be difficult to take care of.

Macaws are beautiful and intelligent birds, but they require a lot of attention and care.

Our selection of parrot toys and specifically for macaws is the perfect solution. They provide stimulation, enrichment and treats for your bird while you're away, so you can feel confident that your bird is well taken care of.

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions so that you can make informed decision about which toy is the best for your macaw.

What are good toys for macaws?

Macaws are beautiful and intelligent birds that, for the right owner, can make amazing companions. As such, it is important to ensure that they have an enriching environment with plenty of toys to occupy them.

Good toys for macaws should be large and durable enough to withstand their powerful beaks. Toys made from natural materials like wood or leather work well since these have the added benefit of satisfying their instinctive need to chew. Stringing beads onto thin ropes and then tying them onto larger branches is a great way for macaws to sharpen their dexterity and problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment. Macaws enjoy shredding paper products as well so try offering your feathered friend paper cups or cardboard boxes stuffed with goodies like nuts, fruits and vegetables!

You should also provide lots of interactive parrot toys designed specifically for birds, such as climbing ladders or swings meant only for bird feet so they don't slip off easily; outdoor aviaries; mirrors (which will encourage preening behavior); bells within reach; rawhide rings that require chewing or unwrapping; vine balls filled with treats inside which will stimulate the bird's curiosity and intellectual development; foot toys such as wooden blocks strung on cotton rope (for foot exercises); treat dispensers which can help keep your pet occupied when you aren’t around; water mister bottles (for cooling down); various colors/textures/materials in every toy type you offer him/her ...these are just some ideas! The more creative you get in introducing different types of textured stimulation into their environment, the happier-and healthier-your macaw will be!

How do you keep a macaw entertained?

Keeping a macaw entertained is all about getting creative and providing them with plenty of stimulation. There are several things you can do to keep your bird engaged, including providing them with foraging toys they can play with, engaging in interactive activities such as training sessions, and giving your bird time outside its cage.

Toys: Macaws love playing with toys that stimulate their natural curiosity, such as foraging puzzles, foraging toys or brightly colored items like pieces of paper or fabric. There are two types of foraging toy available, reusable and chewable. You could also use toys made out of natural wood, coconut shells, rattan balls, cotton rope, etc. Rotating the types of toys you provide helps to keep your macaw from becoming bored too quickly. If possible, it's best to get several different types of toys that can be used in many different ways so your macaw always has something new to explore and investigate. For example palm leaves make toys loads of fun. Please keep in mind that all toys need to be non-toxic and made from completely bird safe materials!

Training Sessions: Training sessions not only help reinforce good behavior but also help keep your macaw entertained for extended periods of time by allowing them the opportunity to learn something new each day. Working on simple tricks such as rolling over or walking along a stick will give your bird something fresh and exciting each day while encouraging mental stimulation and problem-solving skills at the same time!

Time Outside Its Cage: Macaws and larger parrots require physical activities just like any other pet, which means it's important they get some outside their cage every day if possible. You can take them out into the back yard (if protected) or simply let them fly around inside the house supervised if you have enough room to do so safely. This will allow them valuable exercise while stimulating their natural instincts simultaneously!

By incorporating these three tips into caring for a macaw - providing an array of stimulating toys; engaging in daily training sessions; and giving regular opportunities for physical activity - you'll help ensure not only its safety but also its overall entertainment levels throughout its lifetime!

How many toys does a macaw need?

A macaw needs quite a few parrot toys to stay mentally and physically stimulated! It's recommended that pet owners provide at least six different bird toys in the cage for their macaw. The exact number of toys depends on the size of your macaw, as larger birds need more items to keep themselves entertained. Additionally, it's important to vary up the types of toys; puzzle or foraging toys are great for giving your feathered friend something to figure out, while soft rope or plush toys can help them express their instinctive behaviors like preening. Parrot Toys should be switched out every couple weeks so your bird can discover new things and continue developing his skills. Bottom line: if you want your macaw never be bored, spoil him with lots of fun (and safe) playthings—he'll thank you by showing off his amusing personality!

Do macaws like to cuddle?

Macaws are known for their social nature, intelligence and outgoing personalities which makes them great companion animals.

Macaws show love and affection in many different ways such as preening each other’s feathers or engaging in playtime activities. They typically like to have plenty of attention from their owners and often enjoy physical contact with humans, such as petting or being held close.

When it comes to cuddling specifically though, macaws can definitely appreciate a good snuggle session - they just need to feel comfortable first! If you take your time introducing yourself slowly and calmly, your macaw should eventually become comfortable enough that he or she will willingly come closer and accept a gentle hug. With enough patience and positive reinforcement over time your bond is likely to blossom into something special!

What treats do macaws like?

For your macaw you can offer the followign items as treats: different selection of nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, dry fruits, bananas, apples, carrots, salads etc.

Macaw toys for you and for your feathered friend

Thanks for reading our blog post on the best Macaw Toys! We hope that it helped you find the perfect toy for your friend (or yourself). If you’re still not sure which one to choose, tap the buttons check price on Amazon to see the latest prices of our top picks. Whichever one you choose, we’re sure that your friend will be happy with it.