Guinea Pig Litter Box: How To Choose The Best One For Your Piggie?

Tired of dealing with a pigsty of poo in your home? Let us show you how to choose the best litter boxes for your guinea pig and get that mess under control!

Guinea Pig Litter Box
Guinea Pig Litter Box

Gone are the days when your guinea pig could just plop their poop anywhere without a care in the world. Now, we've got litter boxes for those little poopers. But how do you pick the perfect pooper palace? Fear not, fellow guinea pig lovers, because we've got you covered.

Guinea pigs are lovable pets that bring joy and delight to any home. They have a unique personality, they are low-maintenance, and they can even be litter-box trained! Yes, you read that right. But with so many litter-box options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your furry friend? Fear not, my fellow guinea pig enthusiasts, we have done the research and compiled a comprehensive guide to help you pick the perfect pooper palace for your pet. You should know that litter training guinea pigs can have significant benefits for you and your piggie. Not only does it result in less messy and cleaner cage for the guinea pigs, but it also requires less cleaning and less money spent on bedding.

The Right Size

It's no secret that guinea pigs poop. They do poop a lot and often everywhere! Therefore, the size of your guinea pig’s litter box is crucial. It should be big enough to accommodate your pet but not too large that they will use it as a playground, leaving you with a lot of litter to clean up. A good rule of thumb is that the litter box should be at least twice the size of your guinea pig. If you have more than one guinea pig in the same cage, you might want to go for a larger litter box.

When choosing a litter box for your guinea pig, make sure to get one that is large enough for them to move around in comfortably. While smaller litter boxes might be cheaper and take up less space, they can make your guinea pig feel cramped or uncomfortable. Look for litter boxes that are the right size for your furry friend, and make sure they have enough room to turn around or spread out.

Easy access

Guinea pigs are shy creatures and can sometimes get intimidated by new things. Make sure to choose a litter box that is easily accessible and doesn't require your guinea pig to jump or climb to get in. Litter boxes with a low entry point are great for young or older guinea pigs that might have mobility issues.


Litter boxes can be made of different materials such as plastic, metal, or ceramic. Plastic litter boxes are easy to clean and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Metal litter boxes are more durable and can last a long time, but might be noisier when your guinea pig moves around in it. Ceramic litter boxes are heavy and sturdy, but run the risk of cracking or breaking if your guinea pig accidentally drops or tips it over. Choose the litter box material that best suits your guinea pig's needs. In general material used in the guinea pig's litter areas should be different than the rest of the floor so the guinea pig can easily differentiate between the two.

When it comes to the material of the litter box, there are several options to choose from. Many guinea pig owners go for plastic since it’s lightweight, easy to clean, and cheap. However, if your guinea pig is a chewer, plastic may not be the best option since it can be harmful if ingested. Ceramic and stainless steel litter boxes are also available on the market. They are sturdy, non-toxic, and easy to clean, but they are also more expensive.

Choosing the Right Type of Bedding or Litter For A Guinea Pig’s Litter Box
If you’re looking for the perfect bedding and litter for your guinea pig’s litter box, look no further! In this blog, we’re going to show you which materials are best to use, how much to use, and why. So don’t let your piggy down - kontinue reading now and make sure they stay squeaky clean!

Shape and Design

The shape and design of the litter box can be important depending on the layout of your guinea pig's cage. You'll need to pick a litter box that is low enough that your guinea pig can easily climb in and out of, especially if they are elderly or have mobility issues. High walls can also help keep the litter contained, but they may make it difficult for your guinea pig to enter or exit. If your guinea pig likes to back up to do their business and splash urine everywhere, a litter box with a lip could help reduce mess.

Entry point

You might want to consider a litter box that has an entry point that faces inward towards the cage rather than outward. This way, your guinea pig will be less likely to kick the litter out of the box and onto the floor of the cage. Some litter boxes even have multiple entry points, which can be especially handy if you have a guinea pig that likes to move around their bedding and will use whichever opening is closest at the time. Another idea is to put a pile of hay in the litter box (or a hay rack beside it if the box is too small) to keep the guinea pig coming back to their litter box.


Your litter box should be easy to access and clean. Choose a box that is light enough to be lifted out of the cage, but sturdy enough not to break easily. Pick a litter box with removable parts to make cleaning a breeze. Ideally, your litter box should be replaced every six months to a year or sooner since it can collect odors and bacteria over time.

Safety first

Make sure to choose a litter box that is safe for your guinea pig to use. Avoid litter boxes with sharp edges or corners that could hurt your guinea pig, and make sure any locks or latches are secure and won't accidentally trap your guinea pig inside.

Keep it clean

Regular cleaning and maintenance is important for the health and wellbeing of your guinea pig. Make sure to choose a litter box that is easy to clean and disinfect. Look for litter boxes with removable liners or ones that are dishwasher safe. Remember to keep the litter box clean and clean it regularly. Dirty litter boxes can lead to bacterial infections or attract pests, so it's important to keep them clean and fresh. You can read more about How to Litter Train a Guinea Pig: Keep Your Cage Cleaner For Longer below!

Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Your Guinea Pig’s Litter Box
Who said cleaning can’t be fun? With these tips and tricks, you can make maintaining your guinea pig’s litter box a breeze!

At the end...

Choosing the perfect litter box for your guinea pig is an essential part of ensuring their comfort and wellbeing. The litter box should be the right size, made of safe materials, and have a functional design. You will want to consider the shape and design, the entry point, and the accessibility. With this guide, I am confident that you will be able to choose the perfect pooper palace for your furry friend. Happy picking!

Choosing the perfect pooper palace for your furry friend might seem daunting at first, but it's all about finding the right fit for their needs. Remember to choose a litter box that is the right size, easily accessible, made of the right material, safe, and easy to clean. With these tips in mind, your guinea pig will be pooping in style in no time!

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