Keeping Your Cockatoo Entertained with DIY Toys

In this blog we are going to show you how to make some really cool and entertaining DIY toys for your cockatoo.

DIY Toys for Cockatoo
DIY Toys for Cockatoo

Are you looking for new ways to keep your cockatoo entertained? Has your bird grown bored of its usual toys? If so, why not try making some homemade toys? Not only is it a great way to save money, but it’s also a fun and rewarding activity for both you and your pet.

Cockatoos are smart, mischievous birds that need plenty of stimulation and playtime. Store-bought toys can be expensive, but you can make your own quickly and easily with materials found around the house. Read on to learn how to make homemade toys for your cockatoo that they’ll love.

What Types of Toys Can I Make At Home?

There are many different types of homemade toys you can make for your cockatoo. You can use items such as paper cups, paper towel tubes, bottle caps, plastic straws, and small pieces of wood to create unique toys. You can also use things like old shoelaces or rope, clothespins, and colorful beads or bells. The possibilities are truly endless!

Choose Appropriate Materials

The first step in making a toy for your bird is to choose the right materials. Avoid using any materials that could pose a choking hazard, such as thin strings or small plastic pieces. Anything that has sharp edges should also be avoided, as well as anything made of metal or treated wood. Most importantly, make sure all the materials used are safe and non-toxic!

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to creating toys for your cockatoo, there’s no limit to what you can create! You can use paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, or even paper bags—just get creative! For example, you can cut up an old t-shirt into strips and tie them together into a fun rope toy for your bird. Or use colorful strips of construction paper and attach them to a sturdy cardboard box for some shredding fun. You can even take an empty soda bottle and fill it with treats or dried fruit for your bird to peck out of!

Creating Interactive Toys

When creating a toy for your cockatoo at home, it’s important to keep in mind that birds need interactive toys that require problem-solving skills. Making interactive toys requires a bit of creativity on your part but the results will be worth it! Here are some ideas:

 Hanging food puzzles – Hang a cup or container filled with treats from the top of the cage. Your cockatoo will have to figure out how to get the treats out by using its feet or beak.

 Foraging boxes – Foraging boxes are fun activities for your bird since they require them to search through materials in order to find hidden treats. Use an empty box and fill it with shredded paper or cloth along with small treats inside.

• Hanging swings – Swings provide hours of entertainment for birds as they swing back and forth while searching for hidden goodies. You can easily make one at home using rope or shoelaces tied together in a loop shape and stuffed with treats like popcorn kernels or nuts.

• Puzzles – Puzzles require problem-solving skills which keeps birds mentally stimulated. Homemade puzzles can be made from simple items such as bottle caps or clothespins connected together with string or rope. Place treats inside each item so that the bird has something extra to work towards when solving the puzzle!

Homemade bird toys are great alternatives if you don't want to spend money on expensive store-bought ones. They provide mental stimulation and physical exercise which is essential for keeping your pet healthy and entertained all day long. If you want to learn more about how to Choose the Right Toys for Your Cockatoo this article will help you to make informed decision!

Keep it Interesting

It’s important to change up the types of toys you give your cockatoo often so they don’t get bored with their playthings. If you give them the same type of toy over and over again they will lose interest in it quickly. This is why it’s great to have several different types of toys available so you can switch them out every few days or weeks depending on how quickly your bird gets bored with certain types of toys.

Whether it's hanging food puzzles, foraging boxes, swinging ropes, or puzzles - there's something here for every type of bird owner! With just a few supplies from around the house you can create some simple yet effective DIY toys that will help keep your cockatoo active and engaged throughout the day!

Making homemade toys for your cockatoo is a great way to provide entertainment without breaking the bank! With just a few simple supplies from around the house, you can create unique and engaging playthings that will keep your feathered friend entertained day after day. Just remember to use safe materials and switch things up frequently so your cockatoo doesn't get bored with their new toys!

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