Why You Should Buy a Macaw Cage on Amazon

Hey there, we love Macaws parrots. In fact, we have two of them. And if you're thinking about getting a Macaw, then the best place to buy their cage is definitely Amazon. This blog will show you all the reasons why.

Macaw Cage
Macaw Cage

Are you the proud owner of a stunning Macaw or considering adopting one? If so, you need to know that buying a proper cage is essential for your bird friend's well-being. Macaws are active, social birds that need plenty of space to exercise, play, and socialize. Moreover, Macaws are strong chewers that can quickly destroy low-quality, poorly designed cages.

Are you looking for the perfect home for your macaw? If so, you may want to consider buying a macaw cage on Amazon. With Amazon’s vast selection of cages and accessories, you can find everything you need to keep your macaw safe, happy, and healthy.  Taking excellent care of your large, colorful pet starts with finding the best Macaw bird cage possible!

Buying a Macaw cage on Amazon is an excellent way to save time and money while ensuring that your bird is protected, comfortable, and entertained. However, with so many options, sizes, materials, and features available, it can be tough to know which cage is the right one for your Macaw. But fret not - this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to select the perfect cage for your feathered companion!

Variety of Options

A Macaw's cage is one of the most important purchases you will make for your parrot. No matter what type of cage you are looking for, odds are you will be able to find it on Amazon. From large cages with plenty of room to move around, to smaller cages that are perfect for travel, Amazon has something to suit every bird owner’s needs. Plus, if the cage doesn't come with all the necessary accessories (such as perches and toys), Amazon also offers a great selection of these items as well.

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Convenient Shopping Experience

One of the best things about shopping on Amazon is how convenient it is. Instead of having to go from store to store hunting down the perfect cage or accessory for your macaw, all you have to do is log onto your computer or cell phone and order whatever you need at the click of a button. Most orders arrive in just two days (or even faster if you sign up for Prime shipping) so there's no waiting around for weeks for your order to arrive!

Affordable Prices

Amazon often has very competitive prices compared to brick-and-mortar stores. This can be especially helpful when buying items like bird cages which can be quite expensive depending on the size and features you're looking for. Many cages also come with free shipping if they meet certain criteria such as being over $35 or sold directly by Amazon itself – so make sure to take advantage of those deals when available! There are several stainless steel bird cage options in sizes suitable for both large and small Macaws.

Size Matters

Macaws are large birds, so you'll need a cage that's roomy enough for them to stretch their wings and fly short distances.  It is  important to purchase a bird cage that is large enough to allow them to move about freely without damaging their wing feathers.  A cage that's too small can harm their physical and mental health, as it restricts their movements and can cause them to become bored, frustrated, or aggressive.

The minimum bird cage size for a Macaw is around 2 x 3 feet (20 x 30 inches) with a height of 4 feet or more. However, we recommend aiming for a large bird cage, ideally 3 x 4 feet or more, to give your Macaw enough space to play, climb, and explore.  Most large cages designed for Macaws have wider spacing since these are big birds so if you have smaller birds and are considering a large cage.

Keep in mind that the cage's size refers to the interior space, not including the frame, bars, or any extensions like feeders, perches, or toys. Make sure to measure the area where you'll place the bird cage and double-check the dimensions of the bird cage you're considering.

Material Matters

Next, you want to consider the material of the bird cage. Macaws are heavy birds with strong beaks and claws, so you'll need a cage that can withstand their chewing and clawing tendencies.

The top bird cage materials are stainless steel, wrought iron, and powder-coated steel. Stainless steel is the most durable and resistant to rust, scratches, and bacteria. However, it's more expensive than the other options. Wrought iron is also sturdy and affordable, but it can rust over time. Powder-coated steel is cheaper and comes in various colors, but it's not as durable as the other two materials, and the paint can chip and peel.

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Features Matter

Besides size and material, there are additional features you may want to consider when buying a Macaw bird cage on Amazon. The following are some examples:

Bar Spacing

The space between the bars should be narrow enough not to allow the Macaw's head or feet to get caught but wide enough to promote airflow and visibility. The ideal spacing is around 1 inch for larger Macaws. For smaller Macaws like the Severe and Hahn's, it is recommend a reduced bar spacing of 3/4 inch to 1 inch. Your large macaws wold appreciate if there weren't any sharp edges like there are sometimes on other cages.


Look for a cage with multiple doors that allow easy access to different areas of the cage, such as the food bowls, perches, toys or slide out trays. The doors should be secure and lockable to prevent accidental escapes, ideally should swing out the stainless steel bowls to add food or water without risking an escape. Feeder doors should make adding food or water easy, and the locking food bowls prevent spillage.


Macaws need various perching options, including straight, natural wood branches of different thicknesses, and shapes that promote foot health and exercise. Avoid dowel rods or plastic perches, as they can harm the bird's feet.

Play Top

If you have the space and budget, a cage with a play top is an excellent feature for Macaws. A play top is a separate area at the top of the cage that includes play gyms, perches, and toys, allowing the bird to play and interact while still being safely confined. Remember to give your feathered friend as much time outside their habitat as possible so they can spread their wings and fly around regularly.

A seed guard around the cage or seed skirt will keep your room cleaner.

Compatibility Matters

Finally, you want to ensure that the Macaw cage is compatible with your lifestyle and your bird's preferences. Macaws are social birds that enjoy interacting with their owners, so you'll want to place the cage in an area where the Macaw can see and hear you. Also, consider how often you're home and how much time you can dedicate to playing and training your Macaw.

Moreover, you may want to choose a cage with removable trays or grates that make cleaning easier and more convenient. A cage with wheels is also handy if you need to move it around for cleaning or rearranging.

At the end...

In summary, buying a cage for Macaw on Amazon requires some research, but it's a practical and cost-effective way to provide your Macaw with a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. Remember to choose a cage that's big enough for your Macaw, durable enough to withstand their beaks and claws, and features that promote your Macaw's well-being and your lifestyle.

Amazon offers a vast selection of Macaw bird cages in various sizes, materials, and features, making it easier to find the perfect one for your feathered friend. Just take your time, read the reviews, compare the options, and pick a cage that meets your Macaw's needs and your budget.

Whether you’re new to owning birds or an experienced avian enthusiast, purchasing a macaw cage on Amazon is an excellent choice. With its wide selection of cages and accessories plus convenient shopping experience and affordable prices, Amazon makes it easy and affordable to provide your macaw with everything he needs! So don’t wait any longer – Tap the link below to check out top 3 Macaw cages on the market today!