What Toys Should You Buy for Your Cockatoo?

Discover what toys you should buy for your feathered friend to keep him busy and engaged in order to stay healthy and happy!

Cockatoo Toys
Cockatoo Toys

Cockatoos are one of the most playful and intelligent bird species. They love toys that they can chew, toss around, and interact with in a variety of ways. Toys are important to maintain your cockatoo’s mental and physical health. Choosing the right cockatoo toys for your pet bird can be a challenge, considering the vast selection available in pet stores.

Cockatoos are active, intelligent birds that need plenty of interactive toys to keep them busy and engaged.  if you're looking for a brand new cockatoo toy or toys, you came ot the right place. Choosing the right toys for your cockatoo is essential for their health and happiness. But with so many toys on the market, where do you start? Let’s make a quick view on what types of toys are best for your feathered friend.

Safety First

The first and most important thing when it comes to selecting toys for your cockatoo is safety. Make sure all materials used in the toy construction are bird-safe, such as wood, leather, sisal rope, or natural fibers. Avoid plastics and metals, as these can be dangerous if ingested. Also make sure that any pieces that could break off easily are securely attached to the main body of the toy. If there are any loose parts or sharp edges, discard the toy immediately.

How to Find Safe and Non-Toxic Cockatoo Toys
It’s important to make sure that the Cockatoo toys are safe and non-toxic, or else you could be putting your bird’s health at risk. In this blog you will discover how to find safe and non-toxic cockatoo toys that your bird will love!

Variety is Key

Keep in mind that variety is key when it comes to selecting toys for your cockatoo. You want to provide them with a wide selection so they can explore different textures, shapes, sizes, and activities. Some good examples include ropes or ladders for climbing, swings or platforms for perching on and chewing on safe items like wooden blocks or bird-safe leather strips for beak conditioning. You can also give them puzzle feeders or activity cubes which will challenge their problem solving skills as they try to figure out how to get the treats inside!

Personalize Their Playtime

Every bird has its own preferences so it’s important to observe what type of playtime activities your cockatoo enjoys most before buying any toys. Does your cockatoo love shredding paper? Or do they prefer playing with bells? Knowing what kind of toys they like most will help you narrow down your choices so you can find something that will keep them entertained for hours!

Chewing Toys:

Cockatoos love to chew and shred, so providing them with a variety of chewing toys is essential. Wood logs, cardboard boxes, paper bags and other materials that they can tear apart are ideal choices. Cardboard boxes filled with shredded paper or newspaper can give your bird hours of entertainment as they work to rip everything apart! Just make sure that whatever you provide your bird is safe and non-toxic; avoid giving them anything made from treated woods or plastics that may contain toxins or chemicals.

Interactive Toys:

Interactive toys are great for keeping your cockatoo entertained while also providing mental stimulation. Some interactive toy ideas include ladders, swings, ropes, mirrors, bells and puzzles. When choosing an interactive toy for your bird, look for ones made from natural materials such as wood or rope – these are much safer than plastic options which may contain toxins or chemicals. Also make sure the toy is age-appropriate; if it’s too small or too big it won’t be enjoyable for your bird. We have also put together our tips on how to Keeping Your Cockatoo Happy and Entertained.

Foraging Toys:

Foraging toys are great because they encourage natural behaviors like hunting and gathering food in a safe environment. Some studies show that parrots spend a minimum of 3-4 hour foraging for food every day. Foraging toys come in all shapes and sizes but most involve hiding treats inside something like a box or log for your bird to find. This type of activity provides mental stimulation as well as physical exercise – win-win! Just make sure you don’t give your cockatoo too much food in one sitting; a few treats here and there should be enough to keep them happily occupied without overfeeding them.

For example, hollow vine balls are the perfect way to start - simply fill them with a treat, them present them to your cockatoo. These hiding spots encourage foraging.  You can actually hide treats inside  to forage, keeping them occupied for long periods. Then you can progress by getting other toys where the food is actually hidden inside.

Providing the right toys and cliping them into your bird's cage will help ensure that your pet bird stays happy and healthy both mentally and physically. Choose a variety of different types of toys such as chewing items, interactive pieces, and foraging games to keep them entertained throughout the day. Just remember to choose age-appropriate items made from natural materials whenever possible – this will help ensure their safety while still providing plenty of fun! With the right selection of playthings, you can rest assured knowing that you’re giving your beloved pet the best possible care!

Shredding Toys:

Birds love to shred apart just about anything, and it can serve as good beak conditioning for them.  You can buy shredding toys made of paper, wood, or natural fibers. You can also make your own shredding toy by attaching vegetable tanned leather strips and pieces of cardboard to a chain.  Go for all-natural, shreddable materials to help safely condition of your bird's beak. This type of toy will keep your cockatoo busy for hours, and it's great for their beak health. Enjoy watching your bird spend hours destroying knowing you didn't spend a fortune!

Climbing Toys:

Cockatoos love to climb. Climbing toys such as ladders, swings, and ropes are great options. Climbing toys give your cockatoo plenty of exercise and can help keep them in good physical shape. Make sure the climbing toys are made of bird-safe materials and are hung securely similarly to other toys that we mentioned above.

Noise-Making Toys:

Cockatoos love to make noise. Noise-making toys such as bells, whistles, and musical toys are great options. These toys provide your cockatoo with mental stimulation and can help keep them in good spirits. Make sure the noise-making toys are not too loud, as loud noises can cause stress and anxiety in your cockatoo.

Mirror Toys:

Cockatoos love to look at themselves. Mirror toys provide your cockatoo with visual stimulation and can help keep them occupied. Make sure the mirrors are large enough and not too small, as a small mirror can cause frustration and lead to feather plucking.

Cocaktoo Toys

Cockatoo Toys FAQs

What toys do cockatoos like?

Cockatoos love a variety of toys, including shredding toys, climbing toys, noise-making toys, and mirror toys. These types of toys provide both physical and mental stimulation for your cockatoo. You can shop online and buy the toys on Amazon, where many items are on stock and available for purchase. You can read more about what to look out for when buying cockatoo toys here or by clicking the picture below.

What to Look Out For When Buying Cockatoo Toys
In this blog we provide you tips on what to look out for when buying cockatoo toys i.e Safety, Quality, Durability, Variability and more. Enjoy reading!

How often should I rotate my cockatoo's toys?

It is recommended to rotate your cockatoo's toys every 1-2 weeks to keep them interested and engaged. This also helps prevent boredom and keeps their environment stimulating.

What do cockatoos play with?

Cockatoos play with a variety of toys, including shredding toys, climbing toys, noise-making toys, and mirror toys. However, they also enjoy playing with household items such as paper towel rolls or cardboard boxes. Woven palm leaves can be used as toys and these toys make loads of fun for medium to large birds. Just make sure all items you use or buy are bird-safe and do not contain any harmful materials.

Are there any types of bird toys I should avoid giving my cockatoo?

Yes, there are certain types of toys you should avoid giving your cockatoo. These include toys with small parts that can be easily swallowed, sharp edges or points, and toxic materials such as lead or zinc. It is important to always supervise your cockatoo while they are playing with toys to ensure their safety.  Overall, providing a variety of stimulating and bird-safe toys for your cockatoo is key to keeping them happy and engaged.

Do cockatoos need bird toys?

Yes, cockatoos definitely need toys to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Without toys, they can become bored and may exhibit negative behaviors such as feather plucking or destructive chewing. Multiple textures and bright colors definitely stimulate cockatoos and smaller birds visually. Toys also provide a form of entertainment for your cockatoo while you are away or busy with other tasks. Therefore, it is important to regularly provide new and engaging toys for your cockatoo to keep them happy and healthy. Large Bird Toys are recommended for Congo African greys, large Amazons, medium cockatoos, eclectus, other larger parrot and medium macaws. So, make sure your cockatoo has plenty of toys to play with!  Happy bird, happy life.

How many toys should a cockatoo have?

There is no specific number of toys that a cockatoo should have, as every bird's preferences and needs may vary. It is generally recommended to provide at least 5-6 toys for your cockatoo at all times, but you can always add more or rotate them out periodically to keep things interesting. Please remember to don't hand them out to your Cockatoo all at once. Wait until they've become bored of one toy before handing them a new one. As mentioned before, providing a variety of different types of toys (such as foraging toys, chewable toys, and puzzle toys) can also be beneficial for your cockatoo's mental stimulation. Ultimately, the key is to observe your cockatoo's behavior and make sure they have enough toys to keep them entertained and engaged.  I

What do cockatoos don't like?

Cockatoos are known for their strong preferences and dislikes. Some common things that cockatoos may not like include sudden loud noises, changes in routine or environment, being handled roughly, and feeling neglected or ignored. It is important to pay attention to your cockatoo's body language and reactions to certain situations to understand their likes and dislikes better. For example, if your cockatoo starts to scream or pluck its feathers, it may be a sign that they are feeling stressed or unhappy with their current situation. As responsible owners, we should try our best to avoid triggers that may cause discomfort or distress for our feathered friends.

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Do cockatoos like hugs?

Some cockatoos may enjoy hugs and physical affection, while others may not. It ultimately depends on the individual bird's personality and past experiences. Some cockatoos may see hugs as a sign of trust and bonding, while others may feel uncomfortable or threatened by being restrained in such a manner. It is important to respect your cockatoo's boundaries and body language of your coctkaoo.

At the end...

In conclusion, choosing the right toys for your cockatoo is important for their mental and physical health. Shredding toys, foraging toys, climbing toys, noise-making toys, and mirror toys are great options for keeping your cockatoo entertained and happy. Always make sure the toys are made of bird-safe materials, and do not have any small parts that your cockatoo can swallow. Rotate the toys every week to keep your cockatoo’s interest in them. By providing your cockatoo with the right toys, you can ensure they have a happy, healthy, and fun life.

With these tips in mind, it’s time start shopping around and find the perfect toy that fits all of your feathered friend's needs! Tap the link below to see the best 5 cockatoo toys you can buy today! Happy shopping!