Parrot Toys: Keep Your Parrot Happy With These Awesome Toys

Are you looking for the best toys to keep your parrot entertained, happy, and out of trouble? Look no further, we are about to show you some awesome parrot toys that will have your feathery friend playing all day!

Parrot Toys

Parrots are one of the brightest pets that people can own. They are playful and intelligent creatures that love to interact with their owners. Moreover, they need a lot of attention and stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. As such, providing parrot toys is a fundamental care requirement to meet their physical and psychological needs. When choosing the right bird toys for your parrot, you need to be careful about the material, size, and type of toy. This post will guide you through the best parrot toys on the market that are safe, engaging, and entertaining for your feathery friend.

Chew Toys

Parrots love to chew, and their little beaks are incredibly powerful. Providing chew toys in their cage can help them to satisfy their destructive tendencies and also keep them calm. Wooden toys like Nibbler, Vera pet, and Orbital Roll are perfect for this purpose. These toys are made of safe and non-toxic materials like natural wood, cotton, and sisal ropes. They are durable, colorful, and can be hung in the cage for your parrot's convenience.

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Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are great for parrots to enjoy and help sharpen their mental acuity. These toys have different levels of difficulty and complexity and come in different shapes and sizes. They often involve the parrot manipulating objects to access a treat or a reward. Well-known brands like Super Bird Creations, JW Activitoy, and Creative Foraging Systems offer various puzzle toys suitable for different species or sizes of parrots.

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Rope Toys

Rope toys are another great option for parrots that love to climb or dangle. These toys are constructed using cotton ropes twisted or knotted into various shapes and sizes. Some of the best rope toys for parrots include the Fan tail, Boing coil, and Bungee spiral. They provide an ideal bird's playground that can keep them active while also giving them the much-needed exercise.

Foraging Toys

Most parrots are naturally scavengers, and foraging toys help to mimic their natural behavior. These toys usually come in the form of a box, ball, or cube with hidden compartments for treats. The object is to encourage your parrot to work at finding the hidden treats, which helps to keep them engaged and motivated. You can read more about it by clicking the picture below.

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Noise-Maker Toys

Parrots are known for their talkative and noisy personalities. Hence, noise-making toys are often suitable for them and offer excellent entertainment value. Most of these toys come in the form of bells, whistles, or maracas. Some of the best-known brand names are Mardel, Chirping Toys, and JinglerBell.

Natural Bird Toys

Natural toys are made from all-natural materials like wood, leather, and bamboo. They provide a more organic form of enrichment for parrots that enjoy chewing and shredding. These toys come in different shapes and sizes and can help satisfy your parrot's natural urge to chew. Some popular brands include Parrotopia, Planet Pleasures, and Fun-Max.

DIY Toys

For those who prefer to make their own parrot toys at home, there are plenty of options available as well. Some common household items that make great DIY parrot toys include paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, wooden spoons, and even old phone books! Just be sure to supervise your parrot while playing with these homemade toys.

At the end...

Parrot toys are essential for the overall well-being of these beautiful birds. Each toy serves a particular purpose, and it is essential to consider your parrot's likes and dislikes when choosing one. Different toys are designed for mental stimulation, encouraging natural behavior, minimize property damage; all while keeping the birds safety in mind. Their safety and durability should also be paramount. Whether it is chew toys, puzzle toys, rope toys, foraging toys, or noise-maker toys, ensuring that your parrot has a good selection to choose from is one sure way to keep them entertained and happy. If you have a cockatoo, tap the link below to see the best 5 cockatoo toys you can buy today! Happy shopping!